Googel ToolBar Update

  Batch 20:57 12 Sep 2006

I'm a bit *[email protected]:ed with Google.

They've somehow updated the Google Toolbar without asking me in any way shape or form first.

Just what the hell do they think they are doing?

I was in the middle of scanning my system after a system image restore due to the AdAware problems of today, opened an IE window to run Panda Active Scan and what pops up but a window telling me that Google Toolbar has been updated and (as far as I can see) it is genuine.

Not the behaviour of a resonsible company at all.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:06 12 Sep 2006

I can see that you might be annoyed but I'd guess that when you installed it, you agreed to the EULA which more than likely warned you of such behaviour.

It's the way the world works these days and Google didn't get to where it is today by asking nicely everytime it wanted to do something...

Anyway, is the udpate helpful?

  Batch 22:47 12 Sep 2006

I couldn't give a T about what suits Google. It's just totally irresponsible on their part - it's difficult enough as it is making sure that nothing untoward creeps in by the back door. To just have a window that pops up and tell you that the software has been updated is not acceptable and they should bl*^dy well know better.

  Diodorus Siculus 02:11 13 Sep 2006

They do know better; the point I was making was that you have probably agreed to the update so cannot now say that it is not acceptable because you don't like what it does.

  Batch 07:56 13 Sep 2006

That's not the point. What I am saying is that, regardless of what the EULA may or may not say, in this day and age with the pernicious threats of viruses, trojans etc., downloading and installing unannounced software is completely reckless.

  patsyanne 08:02 13 Sep 2006

Batch, you cant be with AOL then? because they download a lot of stuff just when your about to switch the computer off, i have no idea what they are downloading .

  Batch 08:24 13 Sep 2006


Why do you think that AOL is considered a No!No! by vast swathes of people.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:27 13 Sep 2006

I don't want to start an argument about it and will accept that you didn't realise what the Google Toolbar was going to do on your machine.

As I asked, was the update helpful?

  BRYNIT 08:29 13 Sep 2006

If you are not happy with the way the program is updated why not just uninstall it.

From the Google toolbar web page.

Auto Update

There's no need to check for new versions of Google Toolbar; updates are installed automatically, so you'll always have the latest and greatest version.

I find it is best to read what a program does or will do before installing it.

  €dstowe 08:30 13 Sep 2006

My Google Toolbars in both Firefox and IE are just the same as they were several months ago. No update on my machines.

Do you think there might have been some other forces acting here, particularly as you have been having other problems? If so, it is unfair to blame Google.

  Batch 08:31 13 Sep 2006

Go on, let's start an argument. As you can see, I'm in the mood for one. ;)

WRT the update, I will switch off as much of the functionality as possible as all I really use it for is to quickly access searches, the rest is not really of interest to me.

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