Good Wireless Signal Strength but cant connect

  jh_dempsey 23:28 30 Jun 2005

Hi All

We currently have a wired network where 2 PC's and a ADSL Router are all connected via a hub. Everything works fine and both computers can see each other and access the internet.

We now want to add a third PC to this network, but this time 'wirelessly'.
The Netgear ME102 Access Point is connected correctly into the hub (the light on the back of the AP Ethernet Port flashes whenever i send data over the netowrk from the 2 already setup PC's)
The Wireless card in the other computer is also set up correctly as far as i can tell.
The AP is 802.11b only whereas the wireless card is b and g compatible, though in the advanced options i have told it that i want it to run in b mode, so that shouldnt be causing a problem.

The computer is running Windows XP MCE 2005, and its wireless network panel detects the signal strength from the AP as being excellent.
Yet when i click connect, it tells me its 'Connecting to Network...' but never actually does. Anyone any ideas as to whats going on??

At the moment i have WEP encryption turned off on the AP, and Windows detects that its an unsecured network, so im assuming windows wont then try and encrypt the data when i tell it to connect to this network.

Any help, pointers in the right direction are much appreciated.


  John-259217 13:29 01 Jul 2005

I would think that the PC is unable to aquire a network address from the router through the access point.

Are the router and the accesspoint set-up with matched IP addresses?

By that I mean if the router has an address of then the access point needs an address in the 192.168.0.* range.

Different manufacturers use different ranges for the default setting.

  mgmcc 13:32 01 Jul 2005

Is the WiFi adapter in the PC set to work with "Infrastructure" networks and does it find the Wireless Access Point by its SSID name?

Not sure how relevant this is but have you given the Wireless Access Point an IP address in the same range as the rest of your network, presumably and have you configured any firewall software to allow access to all relevant LAN IP addresses?

  mgmcc 13:33 01 Jul 2005

...must type faster :-)

  BigMoFoT 13:35 01 Jul 2005

Sounds like an IP issue - Presumably both devices will have DHCP enabled. I would advise having DHCP on the AP and setting the others manually. What you will have to bear in mind is that the AP will need to know the IP addres of your internet 'gateway' which will be your ADSL router in order to provide internet as well...

  jh_dempsey 15:43 01 Jul 2005

Everything you have mentioned is fine.

The router has automatically set the AP IP address as which is in the same network as the rest of my PC's. Its also set the correct IP for the gateway (the IP of the router)
As far as im aware, i shouldnt have to manually set any IP address for the PC as when it does connect to the network, it should get one automatically.

As for whether it finds the AP by its SSID name; Yes it does, sort of. It does pick up the name set up on the AP, but if you change the name, windows doesnt seem to detect this when refreshing the wireless networks and still calls it by its old name. Not sure whats happening there.

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