Good wireless choice please?

  nick_j007 12:38 05 Jul 2004

Hello all,

Well I have a hundred pounds burning a hole in my pocket and thought it would be rather cool to go wireless, but wanted some reassurance from those 'in the know' that I'm looking at the right/best stuff for my money.

I'm on 512 broadband with Wanadoo(Freeserve) using their stingray look-a-like modem on a Dell laptop on WXP home.

This is what I'm considering...

click here

How does it look to you?

I'm off to watch my five year old daughter at her sports day now so I'll look in later.

Many thanks


  nick_j007 15:00 05 Jul 2004

Polite bump...

  johnsims 16:23 05 Jul 2004

This looks like a good deal to me. I use Netgear products and have had no trouble at all with them, but Belkin is a good name and the price looks good. I think a similar offer is available with netgear stuff too (or was a week or two back). Not really sure it makes a lot of differnece at the end of the day.
Take note of the second review down from Marcus Smith (Ebuyer page you sent us to) re setting up WEP and changing the default login to the router. Also, most important, change the SSID that is broadcast to one of your own making.

  nick_j007 16:58 05 Jul 2004

johnsims thanks.

Hardware wise it'll do the job though?

Thank you,


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