Good Website - What's yours?

  Mysticnas 10:11 21 Feb 2006

Hi all,

I was going to post this in the web design forum but thought i'd get a broader input here. I have another related question there though.

Most of you will have come across good and bad sites, in terms of accessibiltiy/usability.

If you could provide a link or two of what you deem to be good and/or bad sites I'd be greatful.

I'm looking at this from an information perspective:

1. Do you know what the website is about right away?

2. Are you able to easily find the information you are looking for?

along those lines of thinking.


PS. this is just for my own personal use. I'm trying to gauge what 'real' people think.

  spuds 11:55 21 Feb 2006

Without doing any creeping, I find the PCA website covers most of the easy to use, easy to find categories.The same applies to Ebuyer and perhaps a perhaps little less to the Novatech websites.

In my opinion, the government pension website was very dire in respect that you could never really find the answers that you were looking for. I haven't check back on this, perhaps the site as improved.One or two other government information websites seem to follow the same trend. 7dayshop is another website that can get a little confusing on initial consultation,but perhaps that me, after you have used it for a few times things seem to get easier.

Hope this is the type of information that you are looking to receive!.

  Mysticnas 12:38 21 Feb 2006

this is what I want.

You mention "one or two govt sites..." any in particular?

What are you opinions on click here for example?

  spuds 18:01 21 Feb 2006

The Highways Agency website is very good. If my memory is correct, their first attempts were not very successfull.

Regarding the 'govt sites', I have just done a recheck, and things seemed to have improved greatly. I wonder if is as anything to do with this click here which may have lead to this click here

  bluto1 19:42 21 Feb 2006

Please tell me you were a choreographer before you came here.

  bluto1 19:43 21 Feb 2006

Please tell me you were a choreographer before you came here.

  Graham ® 19:53 21 Feb 2006

Mine's pretty good click here

  Belatucadrus 20:44 21 Feb 2006

Example of a poor website is FAST click here not terribly pleasing on the aesthetic front, reads like a rather second rate user manual and doesn't render properly in Firefox. Could and should do better.

  driving man 21:33 21 Feb 2006

just by luck I was talking to a lady working for a car insurance company and she mentioned she was leaving to help her husband run a new web site about France.
click here
The site is informative, cheery, colourful and easy to navigate with many links.
The site developer is listed by name as Mark Chapman.
Finally I should mention that this is not a sales pitch and I have no relationship with the site developers or owners

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