Good value for money??

  kentylad 13:38 24 Apr 2003

I have been scouring the net and magazines for a sub-£1000 laptop, and came across the one explained below for £821.33 inc. VAT. Now looking at it, for my needs, it is wonderful value for money. I am an undergraduate who is looking for a reliable yet semi-powerful laptop to do Uni work on and perhaps some music production. I would like it to replace my home PC, and as it stands, it is more powerful. Check it out and give me your opinions...

- AMD Athlon XP Mobile 2000+
- 15" LCD XGA TFT Colour display (1024 X 768 Res)
- 30GB Ultra-DMA HDD
- DVD/CDRW Combo Drive
- Dual Stereo Speakers
- Internal 10/100 NIC
- 1 X Firewire
- 4 X USB 2.0 Ports
- 1 X PCMCIA type 2 slot
- Li-ion battery
- MS Windows XP home (pre-installed)


- 256Kb Cache (266 FSB)
- 1 X Parallel port
- 1 X VGA Port
- Kensington Lock
- TV-Out (S-Video)
- Built in touch-pad
- IRDA Port

I am not too sure on battery life but 3-4 hours is sufficient enough for myself, and the only downfall I can suggest is it weighs 3.4Kg (but what do you expect for £821!)

Kind regards


  rickf 14:09 24 Apr 2003

Looks good if you don't want to play intensive games. Check out the graphics.

  kentylad 14:10 24 Apr 2003

No i dont want to play games on it at all!! I have never played games....


  Patr100 14:25 24 Apr 2003

Looks good value. What's the Make and warranty terms?

  kentylad 14:35 24 Apr 2003

It is not a brand-name, but made by a company called MultiVision, based in the West Midlands. There is a 1 year UK Collect & Return Warranty



  woodchip 14:35 24 Apr 2003

Battery life you will probably get about 2½ hours

  kentylad 14:43 24 Apr 2003

Hmm im not too sure.

Correct me if i'm wrong but the processor is a mobile one and runs at 1.67GHz

Which i dont think would run down the battery that much. I would say 3 hours

  holtd 14:48 24 Apr 2003

Go for it! But second battery will mean you'll reach the 4hr mark while remaining sub-£1000. you'll probably find though that you'll be using the plug more often than the battery anyway but a second battery is often a worthwhile investment

  kentylad 21:54 24 Apr 2003

yeh i am considering getting another battery, how much you reckon it will cost? Around £70?



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