Good use of a laptop?

  De Marcus™ 21:57 01 Aug 2005

I'm after a few ideas better than what I've got so far as to what to do with a 'screenless' laptop.

Ok, I've a work pc which is located in the bedrrom/office, a shuttle in the living room and a laptop which we use when we are out and about.

The problem we've got is that the back light on the laptop has gone and the right hand side hinge has snapped off completely, so basically we're left with a fully working working wireless enabled 1.13ghz 512 mb ram useless piece of kit (too old to replace parts with imo), so my proposition is this: should i link the old laptop up to my living room tv using vga and hide it away and use a wireless keyboard and mouse (bearing in mind the distance between tv and sofa is 20 ft) and use it for basic web browsing, forum interaction, etc and give the shuttle to my daughter? (who by the way is 3 and loves teletubbies (cbbc website), or is it not worth the bother and should be dumped which I'd rather not do as the lappy cost £1300, 3 and a bit years ago.

I'd appreciate any other suggestions as to what to do with what would be an otherwise perfectly functioning laptop that I'm unwilling to shell money out on, the wilder the better, it's disposable as far as I'm concerned.

  De Marcus™ 22:02 01 Aug 2005

Hmm, i seem to contradict myself a bit, it's disposable in that I'm willing to perform mods of any kind but I'm sure as h**l not gonna dump it.

  woodchip 22:04 01 Aug 2005

You should be able to connect to a External Monitor

  Pooke 22:07 01 Aug 2005

find a similar faulty model on ebay, which has a good screen (yes ya can bid for faulty items) and test your skills and see if ya can create a good working one?

I appreciate ya said you're spending no money on the laptop, otherwise I'd take it apart for fun.


  stalion 22:08 01 Aug 2005
  De Marcus™ 22:13 01 Aug 2005

Hi woodchip, I can no probs but I'm having trouble deciding whether or not to take the shuttle pc out of the equasion and giving it to my daughter and using the knackered lappy as the living room entertainment pc. One big factor is it has to be hidden away from sight so literally all you can see is a keboard and mouse on the coffee table

  De Marcus™ 22:15 01 Aug 2005

Ok I'm going post a picture of the scene in question, bearing in mind that if a wire is seen, consider my neck broken, gimme a sec.

  De Marcus™ 23:10 01 Aug 2005

Some problems here which are too fiddly too explain at this time of night (and a bottle of california rose later) so I'll post back in the morning

  Forum Editor 23:36 01 Aug 2005

just get it repaired? Fitting a new backlight isn't so difficult, and maybe the hinge could be repaired/replaced?

You would then have a fully functional machine.

  De Marcus™ 14:45 02 Aug 2005

Problem solved, the shuttle stays and we've decided to buy a small tft and wireless keyboard and mouse to go with the lappy into my daughters room.

The cost of repair was just silly money (nearly enough to buy a superbudget new one) and it wasn't just the backlight and hinge, there's a few other niggly problems too, snapped hinge catch, broken power supply socket(fixed by soldering straight onto mobo), dvd cover plate non existent to name a few. It's definetely been through the wars, but is a workhorse.

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