Good things about AOL Broadband ?

  keewaa 11:54 08 Feb 2006

If I recommend AOL to someone who knows nought about computer security, would you say AOL has good automatic protection? I was reading the blurb and they say ;

Inclusive Safety & Security Centre with anti-virus scanning on emails, spam filters, pop-up blockers, Parental Controls and McAfee® Personal Firewall™ Plus protection.

I think there is also a spyware scanner.

How good is AOL for a "I don't need to touch or know how to work it" security protection ?


  flyingbrit 12:08 08 Feb 2006

Included with

  Mr Beeline 12:27 08 Feb 2006

Emmm... difficult call this one. As I know what you mean about "who knows nought about".

Personally I would still want both a stand alone Anti-virus program and an Anti-spyware program on any PC of mine.

Though I suspect there will be other people with more direct experience of AOL that can maybe offer more direct help / experience.

Good luck.

  stlucia 12:34 08 Feb 2006

I've used AOL for a long while but, like (I suspect) most contributors to this forum, I use a stand-alone firewall and anti-virus.

From a security point of view I can say one positive thing about AOL though -- their spam control seems to be very good. With another provider I get maybe 10 spams for every valid email; but with AOL I only get one spam every blue moon, which I can then "Report as spam" by clicking on a button.

  LANDCRUISER 12:35 08 Feb 2006

hi,i have aol broad band & found it to be ok,they do have what you have said & it seems to work allthough i do have norton anti virus ect working as well,no problems at all,give it a go,you can allways change your mind within 7 days,i think

  flyingbrit 12:36 08 Feb 2006

(wrong button) Included with AOL broardband is McAfee firewall which I personally have had no problems with, although some people say it's not that good, and there is a spyware scanner(but I have to admit I use spybot and ad-aware aswell) but no anti-virus, persay, unless you pay for an upgrade to McAfee. The parental controls work well, but you have to configure them yourself. The pop-up blocker is pretty good too but it's not on as default, you need to enable it, but it's not hard to do. Good spam filter too, on as default. Apart from that, you don't need to touch a thing.....hope this helps....britsdad.

  spuds 14:39 08 Feb 2006

Possibly one negative if certain facts are true. AOL can be a problem to remove, once it as been installed.Not like most ISP programmes. Perhaps someone with knowledge of this can offer information and further advice.

  keewaa 14:48 08 Feb 2006

Good point there now a way of removing AOL pretty thoroughly using CCleaner or some other program ?

  Diemmess 14:57 08 Feb 2006

I have used Aol only, for 7 years and am too dyed in the wool or daft to try anything else.

Have used BB for nearly 2 of those years since it became available.

For a person who expects it to work but doesn't understand how, it is fine.

In keeping with the market, Aol has become pretty hardnosed and further - do-it-this-way or take the consequences.

Not the cheapest, but if you follow the instructions "on the tin" is realy easy to set up and use.

Is variable (seems to depend on the problem) and the nationality of those who answer. Can be spot-on, or sometimes just a waste of time. Telephone used to be 0800, but for the lower forms of life is now 0870. There is free live-help online.

Silver is lagging behind now for download speed (promises to double, yet to be fulfilled)
I expect this to happen when Aol finds sales for the gold and silver fast stuff level off.
Caution - Whether you go for silver, gold, or platinum, you get a rapid response, but be aware that you are locked into a 12 month contract, as you are (another 12 months) if you make changes to that grade of service.

Have never used their built in anti viral stuff always (since Dr Solomon was swallowed by McAffee) used AVG and Zone Alarm for defences,

Aol is probably the best of the bunch for beginners and at a reasonable price.

  CurlyWhirly 02:07 09 Feb 2006

"From a security point of view I can say one positive thing about AOL though -- their spam control seems to be very good."

Perhaps too good as a few times I have found that AOL has ended up blocking legitimate e-mails but at least you have the option of disabling the SPAM filter if you wish!

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