A good service from Dell

  MIKE. 21:16 06 Jan 2007

I bought a new laptop from Dell for my daughter (Inspiron 6400) about six weeks ago. When out of the blue my daughter told me there were marks on the screen. when I looked closely there were about thirty dead pixels, I always thought manufactures were permited a few odd pixels so out of more hope than expectation I rang Dell on Tuesday of last week. They told me an engineer would be out the following day to change the screen. He rang me at 0900 hrs Wednesday told me he would be at my house in 20 mins. within forty five mins of ariving we had a new screen fitted now thats what I call service. We the general public often criticise companies for poor service, but when we get what I call exceptional service, we very rarely tell anyone. So for me three cheers to Dell for a good service well done. Now a question as I was talking to the Dell engineer I asked him when he did a windows repair did he need to reactivate windows with Microsoft. He said as he used an OEM version of windows XP so he did not need to reactivate windows XP is this correct or do the engineers use a different version to us mear mortals. Sorry for such a long letter.

  lisa02 21:19 06 Jan 2007

Lots of OEM installs are preactivated. I never activated this one, nor the 2 laptops I set up for family members.

  lisa02 21:23 06 Jan 2007

I have to stop posting to early...

You might be confusing activation with registration.

Activation is where the product is checked against MS's database to prove it's legit and then it's activated for use. If it's not it closes down and has limited use... OEM installs are preactivated and do not have to go through this.

Registration is just giving MS your personal detailsa and you never have to do that, unless you want to.

  MIKE. 21:29 06 Jan 2007

Thanks lisa02 I was doing a Windows repair for a friend of mine after his Windows crashed and was asked at the end to enter the activation code. So when I asked the Dell engineer about reactivation, I was surprised to say the least when he said the OEM he used would not need to be reactivated. Does this mean all versions of Windows OEM come preactivated.

  lisa02 21:36 06 Jan 2007

Yes and no.

Depends on the agreement the manufacturer has with Microsoft. The manufacturer can have altered copies of XP where there is no license code needed to activate the OS, it's a time saving thing for them. Imagine having to do millions of attended installs. All the machines will come with their own unique license though ie. the license key sticker on the base.

  MIKE. 21:40 06 Jan 2007

So the answer is if you buy an OEM version of windows you may get one that will need activation or you may get one that will not. you pay your money and take a chance.

  lisa02 21:47 06 Jan 2007

When it comes with a branded computer system!

OEM, upgrade or retail copies of windows bought from Amazon, PCworld et al, that you install on new self built computers, will always have to be activated with Microsoft.

  MIKE. 21:49 06 Jan 2007

Thanks lisa02 you have explained it very well, again thanks.

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