Is this a good second system??

  RobCharles1981 14:16 19 Nov 2005

So my other computer has gone back for an RMA due too the fact that it just shut down and no longer had no power, So I had some old bits too make up a system:

Qteck 400 watt Case
ASUS A7V8X-X Mainboard
AMD XP 2400
512 PC3200 Kingston Memory
120 Maxtor Hard Drive
Sound Blaster Audgity

And So on, what comments can you make of this??

  sharkfin 14:55 19 Nov 2005

Nice system for a second PC. Maybe add a graphics card to it?

I have a 233MHZ MMX processor, 32MB RAm and a 4.2GB Hard drive, Onboard graphics and onboard sound. 15inch CRT and windows 95.

  RobCharles1981 16:41 19 Nov 2005

I forgot too mention I got a graphics Card Geforce 4 TI800 SE 128mb should I upgrade the hard disk do you rekon?

  sharkfin 19:09 19 Nov 2005

Did you mean Ti4800? If so, the Ti4800 is a decent card. Equivalent to the TTi4200 which was a good all rounder a few years back.

120GB is plenty enough. It depends on what you going to use the PC for really. If your going to be downloading and storing loads and loads of files etc then the bigger the hard drive the better. I've had my PC for 5 years now and i'm still struggling to fill up 40GB! lol.

You got a pretty decent system there and i'd be happy to have that as my main system.

  RobCharles1981 20:36 19 Nov 2005

My Main System is a allot better I use the AMD 64 3800 and 2 Gig of Ram but this system i'm on is for a second back up system should anything happen too my new one

  woodchip 21:52 19 Nov 2005

Qteck 400 watt Case don't think the PSU will last long, But it could surprise. If it goes it may take the MOBO with it. Antec PSU would be better. That's the only weak link I would say.

  RobCharles1981 22:25 19 Nov 2005

The mainbord only cost £35 anyway, When I wanted too enqure about the cases they had in the shop where I brought it I told this guy I wanted a case too Support an AMD Athlon XP too my suprise when I got it home it was a case for a pentuim 4!! Maybe I should sell this case and get a 300watt case instead!!

  DrScott 08:51 24 Nov 2005

You could buy a case and psu separately. Most builders would reccommend that as the quality of the psu tends to much better that way. Poor quality PSUs are frequently the cause of erratic or failing computers! Any ATX case should fit any ATX board whether it's 'intel' or 'AMD'. Now you've got the case, just buy another PSU, that's my advice :)

  DieSse 10:20 24 Nov 2005

I can't see anything wrong with any components or the PSU. Most peoples first systems are less good than that.

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