a good reason why NOT to bounce e mails

  p;3 19:09 23 Jan 2006

several threads on here have discussed the rationale for bouncing or not of mails; however; think on this point if you will; if you use a mial client such as Outlook express or Outlook, it will be set to check server at ? what time interval?

if you use mailwasher, it too will be set to check server at ?what time interval?

if one thinks about it; if the mail server is checked that "frequently" , then mail would be sitting on server and "arrived" for at least a minute before being "detected" by the OE or the mailwasher; to therefore "bounce" the mail is really telling the other half that the mail IS a valid address; I had thought of this with the mailwasher but, unless the mail is "caught" the INSTANT it arrives on server, (which is highly unlikely), then to attempt to bounce it is telling the sender that the mail address is valid; the mail should go straight back to sender ( as some of mine have from "legitimate" addresses but addresses that for some reason do not wish to receive my mails); if you use the OE or mailwasher system, then there is a delay between the mail arriving on server and it being checked ;if you then attempt to bounce it, it is too late; however, all said and done, the agreeement really is to not bounce mails as to do so clogs up an already overloaded system

  Diodorus Siculus 19:14 23 Jan 2006

That's a good point; so to is the fact that so much of it comes from fake / spoofed addresses anyway and will never go back.

A slight fallacy in your argument is that mail delivery is never instant anyway - I've often received mail that was sent 10 or 15 minutes earlier, and sometimes even hours earlier.

Nonetheless, I take your point and agree that boucning is not a good idea. Delete from server and it is no more.

  p;3 22:23 11 Feb 2006

bump; for a refresh reminder

  bluto1 22:59 11 Feb 2006

Excellent thinking, and thanks, you`ve changed my way of dealing with the rubbish that comes in. Thanks mate

  p;3 23:17 11 Feb 2006

I"ve got mailwasher on here so I can "preview" the rubbish on server via it (as I did with a most fascinating mail I recently received which was offering me the most interesting assortment of "inducements" ; THIS I was SORELY tempted TO bounce !!) ; if you preview the stuff via the mailwasher before it ever reaches your machine, you can keep the stuff OFF the machine; I for one REFUSE to download mail whose address I do not recognise; and chuck it straight out from server;

a benefit OF mailwasher is that I did nearly chuck out a mail which I did not recognise; I previewed it and its path and realised that it was, actually "legit", and downloaded it ;

Vog, amongst others, persuaded me to use the mailwasher and the OE ,

so far I have remained clear of the rubbish out there , and desist from bouncing the horrid , sometimes downright filth that appears on the server; however, the point is that , unless you hit it back INSTANTLY, which is really impossible, then ignore it and delete it; bouncing cloggs up the ssytem and I suggest really advertises to the sender that you ARE "legit"...and if so you will then have a deluge of mail

and I am glad my comments have assisted at least one member to "think again"!!

  johnnyrocker 00:10 12 Feb 2006

bouncing is and has always been a waste of time because it increases by considerable sums internet traffic.


  Forum Editor 00:17 12 Feb 2006

is a complete waste of time, and worse - it adds to the vast seas of rubbish that constantly swirl back and forth across the internet.

I don't use Mailwasher, or anything like it, because I have no need to - all my inbound mail is filtered on the server by my web host, and at most I receive about a dozen spam messages a week.

Most bounced mail never goes back to the spammer anyway.

  p;3 17:54 18 May 2006

another look

  Jackcoms 18:28 18 May 2006

I use Mailwasher and will continue to bounce my spam.

I do not (and have never) initiated "the vast seas of rubbish that constantly swirl back and forth across the internet".

We will only get rid of said rubbish when we get rid of the spammers.

Solve that problem and the "vast seas of rubbish that constantly swirl back and forth across the internet" will go away.

I think the phrase we need here is "rock and a hard place".

  Diodorus Siculus 19:13 18 May 2006

I've said it before and I'll say it again - delete it. So much comes from spoofed email addresses that it will never get back to its true origin and could well just go to the im box of an innocent emailer whose address has been hijacked.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:33 18 May 2006

You are talking the most sense that I have heard in a long time.


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