Good pc build?

  thesaud 18:35 16 Mar 2015

Hi My local PC store is offering this build for £559 ($816) Just wondering what you think and if its any good

Intel core i7 4770 (Haswell)- 3.5Ghz Quad Core, 8mb cache, Socket 1150 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM 1TB hard disk drive- SATA 24X DVD+/- Rewriter, Dual layer NVIDIA Geforce GTX750, 1GB. Direct x 11, on board sound, lan, 6x USB 2.0 ports

Im new to this whole PC business and im just wondering whether that is a good build for the price, i intend to game with it so is it a good gaming PC or should i look elsewhere

  Ian in Northampton 19:45 16 Mar 2015

'Gaming' covers a huge range of possibilities. The i7 is a good processor (possibly overkill - many gamers find the i5 good enough) and the GTX750 is decent mid-range graphics card that will give you a reasonably good experience on most modern games. Does that price include the operating system? I'm assuming yes. Compare it with this: I know nothing about the seller, and it doesn't include the operating system, and the processor isn't as good as the i7 (but probably good enough) - but it's considerably cheaper. That said, it's worth paying something of a premium for llocal support in the vent things go wrong. I've bought from ViBox and been very satisfied - again, no operating system, but a very decent processor, and quite a bit cheaper. This is refurbished, but it's a Dell - and it does include W7. (I find Dells harder to upgrade, though, than regular custom-built systems.) In summary: it's a reasonably good PC, will give you a pretty good gaming experience, and, if it includes the operating system, you may feel more comfortable buying from a local company. But: you can buy cheaper - or better for the money.

  thesaud 19:54 16 Mar 2015

Hi thanks for the quick reply The PC doesnt come with an operating system, and yeah ive done some research and the i7 seemed a bit ovrkill to me, the guys are a local sellers and come with warranty and it does come down to a balance of warranty over price. By gaming i just mean good enough to play the latest games on mid range graphics and the oldish games on high settings as i want it to be future proof thanks

  Ian in Northampton 20:07 16 Mar 2015

It sounds as if it will do what you want, then. Now, you just need to decide, as you say, between local support/warranty and price. whether you want to get a similarly specified machine for less - or spend that much, and get something better (because that will give you an even better gaming experience (and don't underestimate how you can get hooked on gaming and believe that your gameplay will be improved by greater graphic detail, more fps etc. I know - my son was like that...) and it would be more future proof). Is the one you're looking at 'future proof'? Hard to say, with the speed of development in the PC and gaming world. That said: you could expect that PC to give you a pretty pleasurable couple of years service, at least.

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