Good news, bad news...

  Tog 12:04 26 Jan 2003

BT have lowered the trigger levels for Broadband.
click here

My exchange is still not ready

ho hum

  cracker23 12:24 26 Jan 2003

mine neither-only another 49.2% to go

  Alan-277820 13:25 26 Jan 2003

MY exchange trigger level as not been lowered.
why dont they get there finger out and get a move on.
Oh I forgot they have to renew there executive cars so we will have to wait a bit longer :(

  Kernow Man 13:58 26 Jan 2003

trying my number for our village exchange gets the following - frustrating or what?

Sorry - broadband ADSL is not yet available in your area.

It is unlikely there will be enough demand to cover the cost of upgrading your exchange, but we will continue to monitor the number of people registering their interest in broadband ADSL in this area.

Thank you for your interest.

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