a good mouse for online FPS games

  malgall 15:13 25 Nov 2007

i would like to see you advice on a good gaming mouse i am thinking of a habu or maybe one of the razer

  malgall 19:25 25 Nov 2007

maybe a razer deathadder

  Armchair 19:29 25 Nov 2007

Hah! I kick UT and Quake 3 arse with a cheapo Mikomi optical mouse, lol. It's the player that matters, not the hardware.

  RobCharles1981 19:40 25 Nov 2007

I have the Logitech G5 2007 Mouse its a very nice mouse.

  MAJ 19:45 25 Nov 2007

13-year old or American? Maybe both?

Having said that, you're probably correct, lol........

  Armchair 22:08 25 Nov 2007

Nay, I'm a creaky auld County Durham resident, lol. I can still frag 'em all to Hell, though! You should have seen the awful state some of the arcade shooter cabinets were in back in the day. Didn't stop us from getting high scores galore!

Anyway, I'm rambling.

I don't know. Never spent more than about £6 on a mouse.

  malgall 13:34 27 Nov 2007

agree with you in the end mouse will not make much if any differance but i have a dell computer and the mouse is good if a little small so looking to replace with something bigger that fits my hand better more for comfort than speed
just trying to find out if the extra features on gaming mice like the higher dpi are any good

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