Good Morning

  tbh72 00:37 15 Jun 2003

Hello people, is anyone around!!!! If so I'll post back with URL, username & password..... And you'll can offer your opinion's on my ummm creation!!!!

It's under developement, but there's sufficient on to be able to pass judgement!!!!

  Sir Radfordin? 00:47 15 Jun 2003

Its morning, lets not over do things and claim its good ;)

  tbh72 00:49 15 Jun 2003

click here

Username : PCA
Password : webdesign

I'm no professional, so be gentle with me!!!!

  tbh72 00:57 15 Jun 2003

It's taken alot of courage to post the URL..... I hope your not too freaked by the website's topic's & shocking colour theme..... but it's what they want!!!

  Forum Editor 12:18 15 Jun 2003

although I'm not sure about the significance of the female graphic on the home page.

We aren't here to comment on site topics - that's nothing to do with us unless there's inappropriate content - so you can relax on that score.

Perhaps you'll let us have another look when there's some content, at the moment everything looks a little bare.

  tbh72 13:33 15 Jun 2003

I Keep having little problems which slow me down somewhat, the main problem being with the Website Menu. I have been looking into CSS to try and create the menu, but I find the whole subject somewhat confusing and I fail on the simpliest tasks such as defining the properties for say h1....h6 let alone the ability to actually recreate the entire menu table on each page!!!

One of the thing's I tried to do at an early stage was to place 2 tables next to each other side by side, but the second table alway's drops to the following line when it is displayed in IE6.

  Taran 18:34 15 Jun 2003

CSS is not for creating a menu.

It is a set of formatting instructions that you can apply to your web page documents in a variety of ways (complete code inserted into page or an <a href tag linking to the CSS file). Since the CSS file contains formatting instructions, it saves repetitive typing of the same code for each page and, in theory, ensures an even and consistent layout for all pages, among other things.

Instead of placing two tables side by side, why not make one table with enough cells in it to contain the contents that they are requitred to hold ? Or you could simply check the table properties and make sure the first one is leaving enough space for the second.

Either set the table sizes to, say, 45% page width each which will leave a little bit spare or create one single cell table, then insert another two tables into it making certain to specify width and height or make a single table with an extra empty dividing colum to space things out to look like two different tables.

The second table will always drop to the next line is there is not sufficient room for it on the same line as the first.

  Forum Editor 19:23 15 Jun 2003

that come from people strating out in web design is that empty table cells can 'collapse' suddenly as content is added to adjacent cells.

To prevent this from happening use your graphics program to create a blank transparent gif, the same size as the cell which you want to retain - put the gif into the cell, and it won't collapse any more.

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