Good Home required!

  Djohn 19:16 07 Mar 2003

Voodoo3 3000 3DFX Graphics card and driver.

People in the forum have been very kind to me, both with advice and other ways.

I now find I can return a little of that myself. Please only ask for this card if you genuinely need it.

Works fine with all O/S, and even works with XP, but uses XP drivers, so you loose the benefit of TV output.

If you can put the above to good use, please contact me. Regards. J.

  Djohn 21:10 07 Mar 2003


  bremner 21:15 07 Mar 2003


Got to say when I saw the thread title I thought you had been made homeless for visiting this site too often!!

  MAJ 21:19 07 Mar 2003

A nice gesture, Djohn.

  Djohn 21:20 07 Mar 2003

bremner, :o)

It's a cracking card though, one of the best a couple of years back! It's still available for someone who wants to upgrade a little.

  VoG™ 21:25 07 Mar 2003

Don't worry, we'll keep bumping this until it's "sold".

  clayton 21:30 07 Mar 2003

Will it work on the latest motherboards as i hope so soon build a pc for a friends birthday she hasnt got much money & im trying to get extra off our friends to put with the money she will get off her kids, she has a desktop pentium 2 233mhz pc with 6gb Drive & its forever locking up.

  Djohn 21:30 07 Mar 2003

VoG™, many thanks, I've just received a request for the card, it will be in the post on Mon. for a deserving younger PC user. Free. J.

  Djohn 21:36 07 Mar 2003

clayton, I'm Sorry, someone emailed me just a few moments ago, yes it's on my K7S6A at the moment.

Did a mad onion2000 test on it yesterday and scored 4500, thought it was OK, then someone told me I should have turned off my AVG and scrensaver,and 24 programs running in the back ground. :o(

  rombrain 21:37 07 Mar 2003

A public and well deserved thanks to DJ for his kind donation. The card will be used to rebuild an old pc that will be given FREE to a child who's family cannot afford one.
Nice one DJ

  VoG™ 21:38 07 Mar 2003

I can't let this go without saying that you have to be one of the most generous and outward looking individuals that I have come across (webwise or personally). Good luck to you and the fortunate recipient of your card.

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