A good hard drive setup?

  Mysticnas 00:57 04 Jan 2004

Hiya all, hope you all had a start to the year.

I've got a pair of SATA hard drives that i was going to setup but haven't yet. The problem is that i don't know how best to setup all my drives. I think i've got it sussed, but would appreciate some adivce.

my current plan:

1x 120gb ATA (data storage disk)

2x 40gb ATA RAID 0 = 80gb (scratch disk)

2x 80gb SATA RAID 0 = 160gb (os disk)

I'm thinking about partitioning my SATA drives, one partition for OS, one for productivity software, and one for games.

Now a few questions that i have...

1) Does is make a difference if XPpro or other software is NOT on C drive?

2) i've heard that windows isn't meant to have more than 3/4gb of software on it? is this true?

3) if the above is true then will installing the software on seperate partitions make a differnce?

4) Certain software i use, photoshop etc, prefer to have their scratch disks on seperate drives to the windows system files and paging file(virtual memory). So... will putting the Paging file on a seperate drive make a difference to the performance of windows?

Any advice would be really appreciated, and if anyone thinks i've got the setup wrong, then please tell me.

Thanks in advance. ;o)

  Forum Editor 01:45 04 Jan 2004

1. No it doesn't - I have two WinXP installations on my machine, one on the C drive, and one on the H drive. I use the H drive version daily - the C drive is for beta testing the WinXP SP2 which has just gone into beta. It all works perfectly.

2. There's often confusion here. A FAT partition can't support a file size of more than 4 gigabytes - not much use if you're a video editor. NTFS partitions don't have that limit, and if you can't install more than 4Gb of software in WinXP I'm in big trouble - I have far more than that installed, and the computer runs like a dream.

3. Not really, although you can do it if you like - it will have some effect on disk fragmentation.

4. Yes, it's a good idea - particularly if you work with large image/video/sound files.

  Chegs ® 01:56 04 Jan 2004

I would recommend that you put the OS into a smallish partition,as on my system(2x120Gb SATA+1x15Gb IDE)when I put the OS on unpartitioned SATA,it seemed to be forever "lost" in the vast space.Until I partitioned it,I had to reinstall XP every few days(but have since discovered I might have a dodgy SATA hdd,as Xmas day it crashed,and I had to return to IDE carrying OS)

  Mysticnas 01:58 04 Jan 2004

thanks for the prompt reply.

your answer for quesiton 4, so the OS, paging file, and scratch disk all seperate physical disks right?

and generally, do you think i have it sussed?

  Mysticnas 02:07 04 Jan 2004

good that you reminded me...

i was also going to ask what size partition would be best for just the OS xppro, considering that i was going to have my software on different partitions. Would 5gb suffice? or shall i make it 10gb?

another thing... Should i setup the RAID arrays on SATA, then boot into my current windows installation, setup the partitions on the SATA drives, then reboot and install the windows on the small partition?

or would it be wiser to do it all from windows setup?

I asked this cuz i can't remember whether windows setup allows you to create more than one partition druring setup

  Chegs ® 02:20 04 Jan 2004

XP setup will allow creation of as many partitions as you like,only remember it often goes and installs itself to last created partition.

I use 10 or 15Gb for OS(plus apps that often "forget" to offer choice for install location)

Never got round to testing my hdd's in a RAID setup,I have only ever used them as 2 seperate hdd's(although,before I suspected I might have a dodgy SATA I was going to try RAID and see if it improved on reliability,as reinstalls every few days has really started to "p" me right off)

  Frazky 04:01 04 Jan 2004

click here

(maybe of use to threadreaders)

  Mysticnas 21:36 05 Jan 2004


I'm still looking on tho.

  woodchip 21:45 05 Jan 2004

What yer going to do with all this space play football

  Mysticnas 22:11 05 Jan 2004


i'm rapidly running out of space, my current setup (160gb) is running low. Vast amounts of video, edited/to be edited, and 3D scenes, created/to be created, lots of music etc...

anyway... without telling you exactly what i've got on my sytem, althought there is a huge chunk of my CD collection which i've had to rip to hard-drive since i sold my hi-fi, around 50gb(ish), with plenty more to rip...

  woodchip 22:20 05 Jan 2004

It must be Half way into the floor with all that weight

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