Good free anti virus software

  edennorman 22:17 11 Jul 2005

My Norton Anti Virus 2005 is playing up again which means I am without an anti virus software.

I rememeber reading somewhere about a very good free anti virus software.

Can anyone recommend anything please.

Maybe I will stick with it if my copy of Norton does not stop telling me my product key is false.

Thank you very much.


  De Marcus 22:21 11 Jul 2005
  woodchip 22:22 11 Jul 2005

What I use on a XP Laptop and Desktop

click here

  Bagsey 22:22 11 Jul 2005

AVG from click here It has served me well for about 9 years.

  belt&braces 22:26 11 Jul 2005

try Avast from click here Iv'e used this antivirus for a long time and have never had any problems with it. It will update itself without any user intervention.

  BigRik 23:04 11 Jul 2005

I'm with belt&braces. avast! all the way.

  ashdav 00:12 12 Jul 2005

I recommend Avast. It updates automatically and has never caused any problems on my 3 computers. I have found AVG to be a bit flaky but that's just my experience.

  cadena 00:24 14 Sep 2005

Norton keeps popping up for me to renew my subsciption, its too expensive, is there a free one?
Have been looking at the previous letters and its a toss between AVG or Avast?
My computer is new, Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2, I had Norton with this computer but its now ran out. I have Norton Security software that has the scanning features but not for the virus.
Can anyone suggest the right one please......thanks,
best regards Gail

  Skills 02:58 14 Sep 2005

Both AVG and Avast are fine programs and either would be ok. For me personally I prefer avast it offers a few more features over AVG, instant message protection for one and a web scanner which is very useful. It updates automatically sometimes more than once in a day. It really is a good piece of software and its free. They even offer you support with the free version if you need it via email or a forum.

Don't forget that you need a firewall as well and some anti spyware programs.

If you need more help with that then please start your own post and we can help you out from there.

  cadena 09:49 15 Sep 2005

Sorry, I did realise after I posted the mail that I was not in the right posting.
I have all the ones you mentioned..firewall / anti spyware which is with Norton but for some reason I have to renew if I want to continue with Norton anti virus, why I dont know.
I will go for the Avast as you suggested, could you direct me to the site please, thanks alot guys

  JayDay 10:14 15 Sep 2005

I have tried AVG and Avast. Couldn't sort out the email scanning with AVG and the auto update was not brilliant. Install Avast and that's pretty much all you need do.

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