Good DVD Copying Software

  Dazwm 17:59 08 Jan 2004

Can anyone recommend some good DVD software not only for burning DVD's but also for copying DVD to DVD (without infringing copyright)!!

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 18:01 08 Jan 2004

No, but i know dvd decrypter do what it says i use it and it ok.


  Dazwm 18:55 08 Jan 2004


  rubella 19:11 08 Jan 2004

nice starting point: click here

tutorials will clue you in on the basics

  Rayuk 19:13 08 Jan 2004

Anything DVD
click here

  Dazwm 20:05 08 Jan 2004

Thanks, but these sites seem to tell me how to do it rather than the tools to do it!!

  rubella 20:12 08 Jan 2004


The tutorials provide links to the tools they're telling you to use.

  tartanterror 20:32 08 Jan 2004

i use "clone dvd" with "any dvd"
does what it says on the tin....:-)

  Lozzy 20:36 08 Jan 2004

click here this is what I use very simple excellent tutorial and exact same quality as original DVD keep Dobly as well. Its brilliant

  Mike ® 20:37 08 Jan 2004

Get Dvd Shrink then all you need is Nero.

  critic-al 20:38 08 Jan 2004

I also can recommend what Lozzy suggest

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