Good Digital Camera please...

  sorefingers 14:31 17 Apr 2003

I am looking for advice on buying a good digicam for around £500+. I have the (new)Canon A70,which is great and also the (old)Oly C2500L which I love. Not being a diehard photographer, (just a gadget freak)..I would love to have a camera which will take superb photos (of an impending wedding)without me having to make adjustments for the surroundings etc.
I think I'm asking the impossible, so please be kind with your comments!

...from a frustrated "David Bailey" who hasn't a clue about camera settings!

  karad 14:51 17 Apr 2003

i RECENTLY BOUGHT THE fUJI s602ZOOM. i HAVE BEEN A KEEN PHOTOGRAPHER FOR SOME YEARS USING FILM SLR'S. tHE 602 CAN BE BOUGHT NOW FOR £499 ON click here I have found the results from it superb, it can be fully automatic or you can set aperture, shutter speed etc, in low light conditions its excellent hardly ever needing a flash, all topped off with a 6xzoom and a macro setting that can get down to 1cm. I suppose it depends what size of camera you want as this one is based on an slr styling and is therefore larger than most.

  karad 14:53 17 Apr 2003

sorry its click here

  hssutton 15:22 17 Apr 2003

Strange you should say the 602 is on the large size, one of the main reason I bought the Minolta
D7i is I considered the 602 to be too small.

The Fuji is a very good camera and you won't go far wrong in buying it, but with the latest reduction in price of the D7i this has to be the best camera for money on the market.

  Dr. Charles 18:32 17 Apr 2003

I have the fuji 6800 finepix zoom (old hat now) for definition I think fuji give very good value for money. I would buy another of their brand if needed.



  karad 21:33 17 Apr 2003

I meant on the large size in comparisson to some of the other cameras on the market which are not designed around an slr. The trend at the moment seems to be for smaller and smaller, however its personal choice like everything else, people can only give opinions on what they have or have experience of, in the end its a question of going out and handling them to see what suits. good luck sorefingers

  billyliv 00:34 18 Apr 2003

Hi, Methinks because it is a wedding coming up you want to show everyone how flash I am with my new gear. The gear you have already got will suffice. cheers, Bill

  sorefingers 00:53 18 Apr 2003

Shucks! sussed me out dammit!!..actually, I resent having to pay a so-called expert nearly a grand for about 20 to 30 pictures which I'm sure myself or a very experienced relative could produce with the right equipment, which I intend giving to the happy couple as a wedding gift anyway!
I have been reliably informed that the negatives/digital film are the property of the actual photographer and from what I understand, only let you have the chosen pictures for the album, whils the rest are probably binned or kept in a shoebox in a dark place somewhere! I know from past experience that most of us enjoy looking back at the "unfavoured" photos which, at the time were deemed not suitable, and have a good laugh!
Not much chance of that then with hired help!
Does this make me out to be "tight" or just wanting value for money spent, which I presume most of us aim for anyway!

  sattman 01:22 18 Apr 2003

I personally do not think that you can say which camera is best for all occasions

Digital cameras give extremely good images are extremely easy to use and provide quick acces to the print.

However I have yet to find a digital camera that can match the image quality of a good quality slr.

  cyclingchef 08:07 18 Apr 2003

I am on my 4th Digicam (more money then sense)?
1. Fuji MX1700 1.5mp, 2. Nikon Coolpix 950 2.1mp,
3. Minolta S304 3.1mp & currently Fuji S602zoom 3.1mp (6.0mp using Fuji's Super CCD interpolation)
I have been pleased with all these cameras, some purists would not consider a Fuji against more upmarket? makes like Nikon & Canon but I consider they make excellent digicams and agree with Karad the S602 is superb. Combine it with a microdrive
(340mb, 512mb or 1gb) & you can take up to 30mins
(1Gb) of high quality video at 30fps to supplement the superb stills.

  hssutton 10:02 18 Apr 2003

sorefingers. It's the person behind the camera that really counts. I think it was a photographer called the Baron who used to take the most fantastic photo's using a Kodak box camera.

I would point out to cyclingchef that unless you are talking about Canon / Nikon DSLRs, The Fuji and Minolta are as good, if not better.
And as for quality a digicam can produce quality up to 10 x 8 that cannot be distinguished from film.

I would go even further and say that most D&P outlets will produce inferior prints to what you can get on a decent printer at home

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