Good and cheap software for a new PC

  rickus 11:10 18 Jul 2005

Any views on these ideas wil be much appreciated.

I am about to buy a new PC. Likely to be an Acer bought thru a local company. They will install Windows XP home edition for me. I guess it will come with Microsoft Works but I hear that is very basic. Please see below what I am thinking for doing for my office and security software. The PC will mainly be used for fairly straightforward surfing and some personal office stuff.

Office software - I have Office97 Pro on my current PC. Could install that but am concerned it could be a bit incompatible with current software unless there is an easy way of bringing it up to date. Not inclined to pay over £100 for a new edition. Have started looking at Open Office. Seems to do a pretty good job. Am wondering whether to go for vesrsion 2 and if it takes much to install and configure.

Security software - am reasonably happy with all the free stuff I use on my current PC so will go for the same again unless there are strong views that a different approach will be better:
Anti-virus - AVG
Firewall - Zone alarm
Spyware blaster
Have just disabled Cookie Wall - it was a but obtrusive and was not sure whether it actually gives much benefit.

Thanks for any help

  Pooke 11:17 18 Jul 2005

"They will install Windows XP home edition for me. I guess it will come with Microsoft Works but I hear that is very basic"

Microsoft works is extra unless the company is throwing it in. You need to check.

If it's just personal stuff, "Microsoft works suite 2005" is what I have and am more than happy with it.

As for your security options thats what I have too. AVG, ZA and anti spyware programs, all the free ones!


  Belatucadrus 11:20 18 Jul 2005

click here This of any help ?

  Completealias 12:05 18 Jul 2005

All of what you've listed will be fine but my choice of antivirus is avast click here just my personal preference I guess but its got a few more features in it that AVG doesn't.

Open office should be fine I haven't seen it myself for quite a while but it didn't look like it needed to much configuring when I did.

Other freeware apps that you may want to consider are an image editor

paintdotnet click here found this the other day from another forum member looks very good you need the .net framework for it but can be downloaded in an all in one exe file

Irfanview click here

Serif photoplus 6 click here - there are a number of freeware apps on that page including web design, desktop plublishing, graphic design and 3d animation.

Expression click here a app that microsoft acquired looks good I downloaded it a while ago and its had no resrictions they have done some tweaking and released a beta version called acrylic which can also be found on that page. To quote from pc advisor this month they are realeasing it as a rival to phtotshop it is a 180 day trial(just had a look at it).

Picsa2 click here from google

Also you can get a free cd/dvd writing software from click here

Audicity a free audio editor click here

Cdex a great program for converting your cd's to mp3 click here

Hope you find some of those useful

  bretsky 12:16 18 Jul 2005

Nice one , straight into favourites, thank you.

rickus, OpenOffice2 comes with glitches if you don't mind that. I use v1.9.95 which is a great program but this too has some issues, it's easy to install and configure and if you have this months magazine DVD ed, its on that. You can create fully compatible m/s docs and has a pdf Creator which is a real boon.

I use Panda AV which is about to run out so will replace with either Nod32 or Avast, Z/A free ed firewall with Spywareblaster, Spybot S & D, a2 squared and Sunbelt counterspy paid for version which if you click here you will see the problem, which Sunbelt are aware of.

Having looked at the other replies I think your going to to well clued up on what to install.
good luck.

bretsky ;0)

  DieSse 13:53 18 Jul 2005

Star Office, well under £100 is the commercial, and much improved, version originally based on OpenOffice.

You can save even more dosh and get a Linux O/S instead - I use Xandros and Linspire - my Xandros was a free download - installed like a dream - found all my hardware right away. Has Firefox, and OpenOffice included.

I've never had to use a command line - and it's so straightforward that my son and grandson just use it without even asking.

  keith-236785 15:45 18 Jul 2005

i agree with DieSse, linux is a good money saving way to go. though it isnt windows it isnt that hard to pick up (unless you need to start with im still new to all that.

linux contains everything you should need, OS, Office, Internet, E-mail, Games, Music Apps, the list goes on. at the moment i dual boot winxp & linux, but as i get more up on linux i am slowly using linux more and windows less. as soon as my subsciption on an online gaming site runs out i am swapping over completely to linux.

i use Mandrake (mandriver now) 10.1 Special Edition and have found it stable and easy to use, only problem i have is not being able to use the scanner part of my Canon Smartbase MP360 as it isnt recognised as a scanning device. but other than that all hardware is recognised and setup automatically during installation of linux.

even my camera is found (Fuji Finepix, Fuji said they do not supply linux drivers for their, i didnt need any drivers.

good luck on your choice, most things can be found for free for windows if you dont want or need the mainstream programs (like office XP)

  rickus 21:15 18 Jul 2005

Have been out for most of the day.
Many thanks for all your helpful comments.

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