is this a good buy for a laptop for £800

  rmn 00:17 10 Mar 2003

my brother is going to by a laptop is the compaq on the pc world site model 2111 i think any good its £800 and this is the spec :-
Processor Type AMD Athlon XP+
Processor speed 1800 mhz
RAM Memory 128 mb
Hard Disk Capacity 20 Gb
CD ROM speed 24 times audio playback
DVD Drive Yes
DVD Drive speed 8 times audio playback
CD Rewriter Yes
CDRW Speed 16 times audio playback
Screen size 15.1 inches
Screen quality TFT XGA
Battery life (up to) Not Specified
Sound AC 97 Audio Soundblaster Pro C
Modem Yes
No of USB connections 2
Touchpad mouse Yes
Colour Silver/Carbon
Weight 3.3 kg
Height 41 mm
Width 329 mm
Depth 272 mm
Graphics type ATi Mobility Radeon
Infrared Port Not Specified
TV-out Option 1x
No of Firewire Sockets Not Specified
Lan Interface Yes
Battery Type 8-Cell LiON
Graphics card memory 16 mb
Diskette Drive Type Floppy
Operating system Windows XP Home
Expansion Bays Not Specified
Onboard LAN Not Specified
any views would be greatly appreciated i do desktops and no nothing about laptops.cheers darren

  Djohn 00:37 10 Mar 2003

Had a look at the PC on the website and it seems to be good value for money. It is a good quality Laptop from a well known manufacturer.

Without knowing exactly what use your brother will put the PC too, it's difficult to advise any further.

One thing he will need to think of is whether or not to take out an extended warranty, most people including myself feel this is not necessary. J.

  clayton 00:37 10 Mar 2003

You have to look @ the spec very close on these
click here

  davidg_richmond 02:50 10 Mar 2003

you'll have to grab it quick as its a 'one-time only model' so its available while stocks last.

it'll be great for word processing/internet etc, a gamer would need to spend a lot more. but for what you get it is a good price, and the memory could be upgraded if it is needed ( probably the cheapest).

  Kyomii 03:29 10 Mar 2003

The ATI mobility radeon graphics are roughly equal to a geforce 2 mx400 (benchmarked with 3Dmark) so its not too bad for games (the likes of half-life, black and white and max payne would run quite comfortably on it).

However, you may struggle a little with the 128MB ram especially as it is running XP, soanother 128MB upgrade would be worth considering.

  rmn 03:37 10 Mar 2003

thanks guys its a sort of work come home pc he needs one for both he has a desktop but its a pentium 1 so anythings an improvment.dont think he does games except freecell it will just be used for word excel sort of things.possibly a bit of photo editing just simple touch up and print not photoshop stuff.cheers darren

  Stuartli 08:54 10 Mar 2003

You can buy new and nearly new laptops, plus obtain accessories and spare parts, at very keen prices from:

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My daughter obtained a Toshiba Satellite laptop from them at half its original price with two of its three years' warranty still valid.

When the screen packed up, the £600 cost of replacing it and the labour charges was met in full by Toshiba.

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