Good Budget Card for HL2?

  balcarras 12:02 17 Nov 2004

Current Spec:

K7S5A motherboard (only AGP x4)
click here
1.5Ghz Athlon
512Meg RAM
Creative GeForce3 Ti200 64Mb GPU

Looking to upgrade GPU to a DX9 compatible one - but I don't have money to burn - nor does the motherboard support anything over x4 AGP. Do you think I would get any benefit in upgrading the GPU to a Sapphires Radeon 9600 128mb which I can get for £50 + vat? Or do you think it will make little difference to being able to play HL2? I know this card is x8 AGP and I wont get the best out of it until I upgrade the motherboard - but is it worth the pennies...

Comments and views appreciated.


  Noelg23 12:12 17 Nov 2004

all AGP cards are and/or should be backward compatible so you can use AGP x4 my recommendation would probably be this one click here its 128MB RAM and there are a host of other stuff on it too...check it out and see what you think. i am thinking of getting that card too as I need a new card to play Doom 3...

  steven_frost 12:23 17 Nov 2004

I own the card your talking about and it is a nice card

  Noelg23 12:43 17 Nov 2004

can you play Doom 3 with it no problem? I would like to know as I am starting to get back into games and have bought a few new ones lately and want the graphics to cope with what I can throw at it...

  ACOLYTE 13:14 17 Nov 2004

I have the inno 3d 256 version of that card and it runs sweet was just under £90 inc vat.

  ACOLYTE 13:17 17 Nov 2004

click here this card but not from this site,from a local shop near me.

  balcarras 13:24 17 Nov 2004

Is this helping me whether or not to proceed?


  ACOLYTE 13:31 17 Nov 2004

As you say you wont get the best out of any of the cards until you upgrade you mobo but ,you should be able to play half life no prbs,and at least its 1 thing you wont have to upgrade after.And to get the game running as it should i would say you need a 2.4 ghz cpu as well minimum.

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