"gonna get ya good"???

  L plate marky 15:58 24 Apr 2004

When I'm on media player part of a song comes on over the top of everything singing "gonna get ya good". I have no idea where it has came from and that is all it says each time. It happens about once every fifteen minutes, and I've never downloaded anything with this in it.

Any ideas? The words do make me wonder if it's a virus, but I'm fully up to date with anti virus and nothing has been detected.

Any help deeply appreciated.

  Rayuk 16:01 24 Apr 2004

All I know is its sung by Shania Twain

  L plate marky 16:04 24 Apr 2004

Do you know of this occurence or do you just recognise the words? It's annoying the #### out of me!

  L plate marky 16:10 24 Apr 2004

Correction it's "I'll get ya good".

  gudgulf 16:14 24 Apr 2004

click here

try a google search,there are lots of sites offering such programs.

If anyone else has access to your pc---you may have a joke program on it.Try hovering the mouse button at the top left of the screen,the control switch is sometimes hidden there.

Also worth a thorough scan for adware/spyware.

  L plate marky 17:26 24 Apr 2004

If I uninstalled all media players on my pc and reinstalled them would it stop this? I say medai players nut would this need a media player to operate?

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