Gone And Dun It Bye Bye AOL Hello Zen.

  holly polly 16:25 23 Aug 2004

Hi got the migration number submitted to ZEN awaiting the migration -will keep you posted as to how the transition goes ,fingers crossed-Hol Pol....

  Djohn 16:40 23 Aug 2004

Hi Hol Pol, Welcome to the club, you will not be disappointed.

You will receive an unusual username consisting of letters/numbers so that you can log on immediately then just phone or e-mail to ask for a name of your choice which will be made available within the hour.

Your chance of being able to use your own name for email will be very high and don't worry about Spam, I've not had one single bit in the nine months I've been with them. j.

  holly polly 16:47 23 Aug 2004

Gday John long time no see ,thanks for the warm welcome ,well and truelly fed up with aol ,cant wait to see if i'll be able to put xp pro on this commp with zen ,remember the problems i had trying to get it to work with aol ,still didn't manage it ended up going back to WIN ME ,so i live in hope -catch you on zen mate -Thanks and best regards-Hol Pol....

  pc moron 17:19 23 Aug 2004

Holly Polly, I hope you don't mind me hijacking your thread, but I'd like to ask Djohn a question.

I'm thinking of migrating to either Nildram or Zen.

Djohn, I'd welcome your opinion on Zen- good speeds, customer service etc?

  holly polly 17:26 23 Aug 2004

I d'ont mind in the least ,if by starting this thread ,i have provided someone with the information they wish to glean then i have acieved my objective -go for it sir-hol Pol....

  holly polly 17:32 23 Aug 2004

update -payment has been recived instruction to bt has been sent should be resolved within 11 hours -hol pol...

  Djohn 17:32 23 Aug 2004

Well I'm biased of course being with Zen but I cannot fault them in any way. They had me on-line within 3 days of order and the service has been perfect every day since.

They come top month after month in the ADSL guide for speed/service/satisfaction. From the first link below tick any five of your choice and Zen, click on compare and look at the graph for yourself. Click on the second link to see the top companies that use them as their ISP.

click here and click here

  pc moron 18:04 23 Aug 2004

Thanks Djohn.

  GibsonSt19 18:56 23 Aug 2004

Tis true, Zen are very good, however I migrated to NDO.com as I feel Zen a re a touch overpriced.

But nice one, you'll love 'em.

  holly polly 14:41 01 Sep 2004

Migration completed as of this morning first impressions good ,now i've got to work out how to configure outlook so that the kids can read their own email ,was told by zen that you can have 5 alias accounts but they still use my main zen account how do iset it up so the kids get their own email -regards-hol pol....

  Lionheart ? 14:49 01 Sep 2004

This any help click here

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