going wireless from a virgin media modem

  sarahann 14:52 22 Apr 2008

I have just signed up to virgin media and im on the net through them, i am using their modem staright to the computer but i want to go wireless with my netgear router which i've had for ages. I haven't got a clue where to start can some help? p.s our modem is connected t the virgin media arial.

  Eric10 15:20 22 Apr 2008

First, your netgear router must be a cable router and not an adsl router. If you're not sure then just Google the make and model number then check some of the links you get. Otherwise post back here with the model number and someone will be able to advise you.
If it is a cable router then turn off the modem, router and computer (remove the power leads if necessary). The modem needs to be connected to your cable as it is now. Connect the modem to the uplink socket on the router by ethernet cable. Connect the computer to one of the other ethernet sockets on the router. Do the following in the stated order.
1. Switch on the modem and wait for the lights to settle. (this may take up to minute)
2. Next switch on the router and wait for its lights to become steady.
3. Finally boot up the computer.
That should be all there is to it. Once this is working you can log on to the router to set up the wireless side of things.

  sarahann 15:34 22 Apr 2008

Thanks for that, it is an ADSL router but it has a ethernet cable it's the netgear DG8346 v3 Serial:1JX16AB218903 mac: 00184D67F594 I don't know if that means anything to you, but it's weird because our virgin media modem is connected to our ariel for the tv. That's where i'm confused as to which wire's go where.

  sarahann 15:35 22 Apr 2008

sorry it's DG834G**

  Eric10 19:40 22 Apr 2008

Your router is not a cable router and so is unsuitable for use with a cable modem.
I don't have cable myself so can only comment on what I've seen on other people's systems when I've been asked to sort out problems. The only connections I've seen to an NTL/Virgin cable box is by way of a screw-on coaxial connector but not a standard TV aerial connector. click here for more info on connecting up with a correct cable router. I wouldn't think that you need to disturb the modem connection at the TV end. So long as the modem has an ethernet (RJ45) connector this would connect to a cable modem as shown in the above link. The cable labelled CAT5 is an ethernet cable and the socket labelled WLAN is the uplink socket I mentioned in my original answer.
click here for a selection of suitable cable routers.

  MaxUpload 07:55 23 Apr 2008

Just for information - Virgin Media will supply you with a wireless modem for £40 but it remains their property.The £40 is a "Service Charge".

It is this one - click here

I bought one last week to convert my daughter's new Virgin installation to wireless.Installation is a breeze.

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