Going Wireless need advice:

  cadx 17:48 16 Sep 2009

I have a computer and have win xp2 my ISP is Tiscali, I have been very satisfied with my isp for speed and no disconnection at all. Now my hubby has a new computer, so for him to access the internet we are going to have to buy a router to go wireless.Tiscali had a router in thier shop, but is it good enough, as I dont want my speed dropped due to changing.
I have no clue to what to get and would appreciate some advice from you guys, now bearing in mind am a 62 year old female, so be gentle with me :P

  BurrWalnut 18:25 16 Sep 2009

Netgear, Dlink and Belkin all have a good reputation for reliable ADSL wireless routers.

Plenty of them click here

  cadx 18:41 16 Sep 2009

whats the difference between
Belkin N Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router
Belkin N1 Vision Wireless ADSL2+ Gigabit Modem Router
am looking for a fast speed router.

  BurrWalnut 19:07 16 Sep 2009

Without reading the specifications of each of the routers I don’t know the differences/preferences. The speed of the router will not affect your internet access, i.e. your absolute best ADSL internet speed will be 20Mbps and a top router’s speed will be 300Mbps, even aged routers transfer data at up to 100Mbps.

So, to recap, your internet speed is determined by your telephone line, distance from the exchange and internal wiring, not the speed of the router.

click here to test your line speed. You will notice that it is nowhere near the speed of a router.

  cadx 19:28 16 Sep 2009

ok right..have checked my speed and its 2451kbps,
so are you saying that having a wireless router will be a slighly faster speed then I have got now?
If this is the case then I will purchase the 1st one.

  cadx 19:45 16 Sep 2009

just did the speed again and its 5026kbps, I do know speed vary at times.

  BurrWalnut 19:48 16 Sep 2009

No, I'm not!

What I'm saying is the speed of the router is not translated to the speed of the internet. The router allows other computers to be connected and it is the transfer of data between them that is the quoted maximum speed, NOT THE SPEED of the internet. You speed will probably stay at around 2.4Mbps, although there are things you can do to make it go faster, which we won’t go into in this thread.

If you buy a reputable make, you will not go far wrong. Read the reviews of the routers on the Ebuyer link above. I forgot to say, don’t get a cable (Virgin) router, get an ADSL (telephone line) one.

Good luck.

  cadx 20:03 16 Sep 2009

right well, thank you for your advice much appreciated.

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