Going Wireless (complete Novice!)

  GroupFC 19:32 23 Jan 2008

I am a complete numpty about all of this (as may become apparent from the questions!) and need some help.

I currently connect to the Internet through Pipex and an adsl modem. I have an extension lead running from the back bedroom across the landing to the extension socket in the master bedroom at the front of the house. I only have the PC, but we will be shortly acquiring a laptop (when Mrs GroupFC has decided which one she wants – that may be the subject of another post elsewhere!).

I have been given a Netgear DG834GT wireless ADSL router and 2 Speedtouch 121g wireless adapters and I want to try and set these up to connect to the Internet and eventually share the connection with the laptop.

Looking at the manuals for the router it talks about connecting the router to the PC using an Ethernet cable and setting it up that way (and presumably detaching it at some point moving it to the phone socket and setting up a wireless network). The only problem is that my PC is quite old and I don’t think it has an Ethernet port.

My questions are really: -

· Presumably it is possible to check through Device Manager if it has an Ethernet port but what should I be looking for?
· Will the router work from the extension socket or does it have to be attached to the main telephone socket (I realise that filters will need to be used on all sockets)?
· Will the Speedtouch adapters work with the Netgear router or do they have to be from the same manufacturer?
· If I plug the router into the phone line and install one of the wireless adapters on the PC will I then be able to configure the router that way (thus avoiding the need for an Ethernet connection)?
· Assuming that I can do it the way I want – is there anything that I should pay particular attention to, to make sure that it all works!

I apologise for the length of this post – I have had a look at the manuals for both bits of kit (and how I hate manuals on disk!) but frankly they just made my head spin!

Any advice/comments will be very gratefully received.

  Ashrich 21:25 23 Jan 2008

In device manager you want to be looking for Network Adapters . The Speedtouch adapters will work fine with the DG834GT . If you set the wireless router up , you will indeed to use an Ethernet cable , but you will also need to have it attached to the phone line as well , you can't do it first then connect it to the phone . Of course , having set it up you can then leave it where it is , why not wait until you have the laptop then you won't have to move the PC in to the other room just to configure the router ( it really is best to do it with a cable , wireless is not recommended )


  setecio 12:19 25 Jan 2008

So you are currently using a USB adsl modem?

You can configure the DG834GT wirelessly, however when you setup wireless security (WPA recommended) you have to then reconnect using the new security that you have setup. If you mess up and can't get back in, then all you do is reset it with a paperclip into the hole at the back for 10 seconds.

You can use either telephone socket, different manufacturers are fine but you won't get the 108 T mode, only the 54g mode, but that won't matter.

  GroupFC 21:51 02 Feb 2008

Ok we now have the laptop (this one click here with XP) and I spent the best part of the morning trying to get connected and have failed miserably!

I followed the instructions to the letter in terms of setting up the router, but when in the router configuration pages I click test nothing much happens (a new window pops up with something like connecting to click here and staus bars flash across the bottom of the page - but nothing else happens).

I have a feeling that it is to do with the details entered for my ISP (but that is only my very novice gut reaction!), but for the life of me I can't see what I am doing wrong. I used the Netgear set up wizard to detect the ISP details (but had to enter DNS server details)and have tried to configure the details seperately as well, all with the same result.

Anyone have any ideas where I go from here, before I pull out what very little hair I have left!

  Ashrich 09:25 03 Feb 2008

When you say you used the set up wizard , was that the one on a CD that you run and enter the details that way ? Have you tried just opening a browser and typing in to the address bar 192.168..1 , press enter , log in ( "admin " for the admin , " password " for the password ) and set it up from there . You shouldn't need to enter the DNS server details , or the IP address , it will be detected from the router , all you should really have to do is to enter your ISP's user name and password that you were given , and click on " connect " , when a connection is established you can then set up some wireless security . Do a full reset on the router first ( push in tiny recessed button on the back ) then do a complete re-set up but manually instead of using the CD .


  setecio 15:28 03 Feb 2008

(above should be

Laptop has built in wifi and doesn't need an extra adapter.

Since you describe yourself as a novice I will just check some 'novice' suggestions :

a) You have unplugged the USB modem and put it in a drawer and have gone into Internet Explorer -tools-options-connection and have ticked 'never dial' and gone into LAN and ticked 'automatically ...'

b) Layout is now

telephone line>>>filter >>>adsl cable>>>DG834GT

  GroupFC 15:59 03 Feb 2008

Thanks both for continuing help and suggetions. I haven't tried to anything wirelessly yet - I am still trying to get it set up properly using the ethernet connection!

Ashrich, yes it was the set up wizard that came with the CD, that is when a message popped up about the DNS server. I then went into basic settings and tried to do it manually (but it occurs to me - should I have also gone into IE> tools etc. and untick LAN settings "automatically detect..."?).

I'll give it another go later today using all of your suggestions and see how I get on.

setecio, a)Yes - (although i didn't put it in the drawer - will that do the trick? LOL!).

b) Yes again that is the layout I have.

  Ashrich 22:43 04 Feb 2008

I think what setecio meant was to go in to the LAN properties and make sure both the bullets were dotted for acquiring the IP address and DNS server automatically . You do this by going in to Network Connections (start/settings/network connections)and right clicking on your Ethernet port and selecting properties , double click on TCP/IP V4 and you will see if these items are selected or not , make sure they are . In Internet Explorer / Tools /Connections you want , as said above , do not dial a connection marked , and in LAN settings absolutely nothing ticked . Thanks to setecio for pointing out the missing " 0 " in the IP address !!


  GroupFC 21:56 06 Feb 2008

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

I am typing this sitting at my wirelessly linked PC. I reset the router as suggested and started completely from scratch and very carefully entered everything and lo and behold, when I unplugged it all worked wirelessly!

I then installed the wireless dongle on the PC and after a little hiccup managed to get it up and running.

I am well chuffed and thank you both for your time and help.

One last question if I may:-

the Netgear is 108 Mbps and the speedtouch wirelss dongle is 54 (I think!). If I get a new wireless dongle rated at 108 presumably this will increase the connection speed on the PC - will it make a noticeable difference?

All I have to do now is work out how to set up file and printer sharing - any advice (such as how to do it!)?

  Ashrich 23:55 06 Feb 2008

Changing the dongle would only make a difference in file sharing speed , not for the internet and for sharing , the other PC ( laptop ) would also have to be connecting at the same speed as well ! .

Any problems with file and print sharing , just come back to this thread , I,m sure we can help , or if you wish you can start a whole new thread and mark this one as solved ....

  GroupFC 06:53 07 Feb 2008


Thanks for your further advice.

I'll tick this as resolved and start a new one if I get stuck setting up the file sharing!

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