going wireless

  whatatodo 17:34 02 Dec 2007

Last year i tried to go wireless. I have a
**Advent 7086 computer that has a wlan CD and plug in thingy m jig!
**Also I have a netgear router MR814 v3

**and a Linksys modem ADSL2

I should also mention that i have tiscali broadband and it comes with it's own little modem that hads been set up since I had my pc.

Now, I've been on and off trying to get this set-up so i can go wireless but all the help i've had so far is just confusing and doesn't help.

Pleeaaase can someone help me? Also, i've just this moment set up the wlan install cd and adaptor. (so you don't need to help with that bit

Cheers in advance.

  retep888 18:03 02 Dec 2007

If you have one of these,it'll work.

click here

  whatatodo 18:09 02 Dec 2007

So I don't need to use the other modems, routers and even my tiscali modem?

Sorry for being thick, but what should i do now then?

  retep888 18:14 02 Dec 2007

Can you post the model no. of your Linksys modem?

  whatatodo 18:16 02 Dec 2007


  retep888 18:26 02 Dec 2007

What you really needed is a combined modem/router like the one I posted for your Tiscali adsl broadband.

  whatatodo 18:29 02 Dec 2007

So can I still go wireless without a combined modem/router with what I have already?

  retep888 18:38 02 Dec 2007

No,you can't ,at least not to my knowledge.

  whatatodo 19:31 02 Dec 2007

Simply put I have
click here

click here

and a WLAN gongle and CD

Also, a click here

so is it possible to do wireless with this equipment?
I'd have thought separates worked or else they wouldn't make them.

Anybody? I'm so stuck :(

  TonyM 19:43 02 Dec 2007

The Netgear router you have is a DSL model which means it is designed to work on cable systems...like Virgin media etc. Broadband coming in by a normal phone line uses ADSL.

So the Netgear router is no use to you.

To "go wireless" you need 2 things ...a modem to receive the signal from the phone line , and a transmitter (router) to send that signal out as "wireless". You don't use the original modem supplied by Tiscali.

Most people today use a combined modem/router such as retep888 suggested.

You could use your linksys modem and connect it to seperate wireless router (also known as an access point) - like this:

click here

But that will cost you about as much as a combined unit anyway.

  whatatodo 16:51 04 Dec 2007

Dear Tony,

Thanks for your crystal clear explanation and technical advice. It's appreciated greatly.

I'm going to try and sell both lynskys and netgear
products now.

If anyone fancies either of these then just send me an email.

Thanks again, Tony


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