Going Wireless

  Littleali 09:52 30 Aug 2007

Hey everyone, new here, hoping you can help!

Ok, so, I have Virgin Media Broadband, a Wired PC and am hoping to get a wireless laptop

My question is, how can i make my PC wireless? and what is the best router to get to connect my Pc and Laptop?

My broadband runs from my set top box, not a phone line, if thats any help.

Thanks in Advance

  muscic lover 10:05 30 Aug 2007

Well I use a wireless set up and Virgin via a set top box. You will need a wireless card installed in your PC and a router that you connect to the set top box.

You need to be within about 50 metres of the router to get a signal. The closer you are the better the signal.

I use a linksys router and it allows a one touch button on it that connects, installs and secures your network - the helpline if you need it is charged at 'normal' rates and is in operation 24 hrs a day - spoke to a lovely Phillipino lady who helped me out one day.

The whole wireless experience is great now.

Do it.. you wont look back.

  Littleali 14:21 30 Aug 2007

thanks for the swift reply!

what model is your linskys router?

is it any good if your set top box is downstairs and you wanna use your laptop/pc upstairs?

also, how much am i looking at for a decent wirelass card for the pc (also upstairs) and do the instructions tell u where to put it or had i best get researching now? lol

  Littleali 14:26 30 Aug 2007

also, would a usb wireless dongle work? or is that for summat totally different?

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