User-312386 15:47 07 Jun 2003

Hi all

I am going to reformat HDD, i know how to set the CD-ROM as 1st boot etc etc

However, i have a MOBO disc that came with the comp. Do i need to re-install the MOBO drivers again?

I am at the moment backing everything up for the format in NTFS

Any tips here?



  Totally-braindead 15:55 07 Jun 2003

You format the hard drive first, reinstall windows and then install the motherboard drivers followed by any other drivers. Best advice that can be given is ensure you have all the drivers you need backed up on to disk, especially the modem driver. If any drivers are missed as long as you have internet access you can download what you need.

  Lú-tzé 16:04 07 Jun 2003

And while you are at it, get the latest drivers for your hardware. Unplug any external devices - printer, scanner etc. Partition the hdd as you would like it to be. Good luck; it should be fine.

  Confab 16:18 07 Jun 2003

I did mine last weekend. Jut make sure that as well as the above threads you've printed any passwords/registration numbers that that you may have used to register your software.

Formatting the HD is the straightforward bit I find that its the re-installaion of software that's the pain. It took me 6 hours to re-install everyting I had last week and set my pc to how like it.


  Piqxel 16:26 07 Jun 2003

Hi Madboy

Make sure that you back up all your files (letters, emails phots etc). My neighbour didn't check and lost a load of important business data.

Check and double check you have all the drivers.

Yes, it is simple to do but it takes hours to reinstall all the software.


  Gandalph 17:53 07 Jun 2003

Download Acronis Trueimage and backup your HDD to a couple of 700MB CD-RW. You will be able to put your Data back onto your HDD in about forty minutes.

  User-312386 21:10 07 Jun 2003

thanks all for the advise

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