Going Red

  VideoSentry 19:47 17 Oct 2007

This is a problem that used to go away after a few re-starts,now it is permanent. It affects some still images and most of video play back ( Not DVD from disc ) but WMV Divx etc. The screens are from 1 Start Up 2:DivX ( same as Windows Media Player ) and Safe Mode ,as I am not used to photobucket I hope that all three are there.
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I have: AVG'd Spybotted and AdAwared and I am clear.
I did try updating the graphics card (Video Adapter nVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 (Asus V8170 MX)but I cannt see the meassages on the site so I do not know what I should or shoudn't hit.

  STREETWORK 19:52 17 Oct 2007

This really smells of a graphics card problem, or faulty cable. Can you try another monitor.

  woodchip 19:57 17 Oct 2007

Right click on empty desktop click properties. Check windows Settings. Looks like theme as changed

  woodchip 19:58 17 Oct 2007

Just had a look it comes under Appearance in Display properties

  VideoSentry 21:21 17 Oct 2007

I forgot to mention that :
I have tried and re-tried desktop properties,Disk clean up,restore ( would not allow?) cable is fine as is the graphics card ( now with new driver via "update driver in windows )

  VideoSentry 14:29 15 Dec 2007

Using the XP disc I did a repair ( and spent 4 hours updating downloading MS updates and SP2 ) but the red haze is still there!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone with any suggestions?...... Please

  johnnyrocker 15:34 15 Dec 2007

as asked previously have you tried another monitor?


  VideoSentry 10:08 16 Dec 2007

Yes I did try that,but same problem.Is there some way that I can get all the programmes and files off ( 5 users ) to a portable HDD and start again then re-load the lot? Some of the programmes are purchased via the net ( DivX converter,Ashampoo and others).

  VideoSentry 20:40 18 Dec 2007

Bump ( Please )

  johnnyrocker 21:35 18 Dec 2007

go for either a borrowed if poss, graphics card and try new connecting cable.


  VideoSentry 16:54 21 Dec 2007

I'll try that after Crimbo.Thanks

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