Going from Non-Wireless To Wireless!

  Bamisirion 15:55 16 Mar 2006

About a year ago I set up my house so The internet can be used on my sons computers in their bedrooms. I was advised to use wires as it was safer than wireless back then. Last month i purchused a Laptop and was considering making it wirelss. To do this will I have to buy a whole new router and re-wire my sons computers or can I just get a simple adapter that plugs into my router now which will allow my laptop to run wireless. All comments and suggestions are very appreiciated. Thank you

  lozparry 22:08 16 Mar 2006

Hi, now sure whether you can buy a seperate adapter, the fact that wireless routers are fairly cheap between £40-£60 it would be easier to get that. All you would need to do is plug in your present cables to a new router and set up the wireless for you laptop connection.

click here

This is the router I use, plus you get an adapter for a PC too

  mgmcc 12:07 17 Mar 2006

<<< can I just get a simple adapter that plugs into my router now which will allow my laptop to run wireless >>>

Yes, you can plug a "Wireless Access Point" into one of the router's ethernet LAN ports which effectively makes it a "wireless router".

However, for some strange reason, stand-alone Wireless Access Points are often more expensive than a Wireless Router, so shop around first.

  ade.h 16:54 17 Mar 2006

I was going to suggest a WAP; but to add to mgmcc's comment, an modem/router will provide less potential for setup problems that two devices would.

3Com - as per lozparry's link - seems to be a good solid brand; I've seen many of its wired routers in offices. I use a Belkin 7632, which has proven to be perfect, and it's the model that I always buy for other people when asked.

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