elliotv 17:15 29 Mar 2008

Hi, Can anyone help me please! I'm going bonkers!

I have a fujitsu Siemens laptop and a netgear DG834G v2 wireless router.

I think that all the settings are correct but sometimes the wi-fi works and then for no reason will just go off when I have not changed any of the settings.

I am logging onto the net with my LAN lead plugged into port number 1 on my router.

I have a PPPoA encapsulation with a login and password as I'm with Tiscali 512 broardband.

The IP is dynamically set and the DNS is automatically set. The NAT is enabled and I have a WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key) enabled.

My brother's new laptop is not working on the router either as I thought it was just my machine.

Can anyone help as I want to put my laptop in the food processor?!!!!!

  STREETWORK 21:45 29 Mar 2008

Which operating systems are you using?

Are you trying to connect wirelessly or cabled?

  Ashrich 09:44 30 Mar 2008

It sounds like the wireless router is the one that needs going in to the food processor , not your laptop . Try doing a hard reset on the router ( recessed button on the back , push in for at least 20 seconds ) let the router settle again and re-enter your connection details . What is actually being lost ? just the wireless connection , the internet , or both ?


  elliotv 14:33 30 Mar 2008

I'm using windows XP which is all updated. I am trying to just use the wireless, then my laptop is mobile about the house.

I have done a hard reset on the router and sometimes it works and other times it makes no difference.

I think both the wireless connection to the router and sometimes to the internet are lost. Could it be a problem with Tiscali (is it low bandwidth?) or as I live about 3 miles from our rural exchange, could the speed be slow and sometimes drop?

I think its a router problem with the wireless part as when that fails I can connect the laplink cable directly into the router and the internet works.

Also, when I try and access the router by typing in sometimes this does not allow me access to the setup pages.

Right now, the wireless is working but I don't have too much faith in it working later.

Also, I know I should not use a software firewall (as I have the router to do this), but what should I use when I go into an internet cafe for protection from prying eyes? Have the zone alarm on or use net stumbler?

Thanks for your help guys so far....I really appreciate you taking the time to help me sort this once and for all.


  Ashrich 15:38 30 Mar 2008

Sounds like a dodgy one to me ( router that is ) which , considering how many they must be making at the moment , there must a moderate rate of failure . Unfortunately you seem to have got one of these that don't make the grade and if it is still in warranty I suggest you get it swapped out asap !!


  STREETWORK 22:16 31 Mar 2008

Time to call the ISP and get a replacement router...

  elliotv 10:33 02 Apr 2008

Guys, my wireless icon in the tool tray says 'aquiring network address' alot of the time and then sometimes it works fine. Usually, it does not allow me to use the wireless function and I plug in the laplink cable.


1. Is there any way of testing the router (and a couple of you think it maybe the problem?

2. Is there any other IP address I could put in or setting to change so it does not say 'aquiring network address' or is it the laptop and router do not recognise say 'NETGEAR' as the wireless network?

3. I used net stumbler, and it shows 2 wireless connections (mine and another persons). Where the channel is (mine is 11), there is a star by this. What does this mean?

4. If all else fails, should I contact Netgear either on the premium rate help line or can anyone give me a cantact address as I can not see it on the pages. Also, is there any point in cantacting the ISP (Tascali) about the problem. I think not but I would like to know what you guys think. Proably not though as the problem is at my end.

Thank you kind people for any help in advance...


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