Going on a long holiday (about a month)

  nutty norm 23:36 13 Feb 2007

what is the solution ,I am going on holiday for about a month, do i leave my computer on or Off, i am set up for a printer as well as Broadband connection, any answers please, Nutty Norm

  Zeppelyn 23:43 13 Feb 2007

Just switch it off and forget about it.

  Hayrick 23:44 13 Feb 2007

I am away for 5 weeks in the summer and wuldn't dream of leaving my desktop on unatended for that period.

  woodchip 23:45 13 Feb 2007

Remove all Wall plugs, after switching off. Don't forget there could be a Electric storm.

This also goes for TV, and unplug the Ariel. It makes a good ground for lightening

  Tim1964 23:47 13 Feb 2007

Are you intending to access your PC while away?

If not then I would definitely recommend switching it all off ('it' being PC, printer, modem, speakers etc) and unplugging the phone line to the modem as well as a lightning strike, although extremely unlikely, doesn't do it any good.

Leave any Sky+ boxes on and connected to the phone though as you may find a 'nasty' letter from Sky when you return (been there, done that)

  Probabilitydrive 23:47 13 Feb 2007

My last machine fell victim to a thunderstorm causing a blackout and when the electricity was switched on again I dined on a fried Mobo...!

Sound advice from Zeppelyn!

  p;3 00:32 14 Feb 2007

if you wish to have a functional broadband connection on your return? switch everything OFF and unplug it all and especially completley disconnect the BB modem ; it can get fried in a storm (including your computer )and you cannot tell it NOT TO storm can you?
my modem connection is disconnected at the extension section when not in use so I have no connection between the phone line and the modem and thus safe if a storm hits

  Meshuga 14:53 14 Feb 2007

Tim 1964, no need to leave your Sky boxes connected to the phone line, Sky cannot object. They only expect you to leave it connected during the first year and if for any reason you need to disconnect for a time then you are entitled to do so. Mine is disconnected and I dont hear from them.

  bremner 15:00 14 Feb 2007

Unless you intend to remote access the PC whilst you are away, I ask myself what possible reason could there be for leaving all of these things switched on?

  Tim1964 23:01 15 Feb 2007


We have multiroom with 2 Sky+ boxes and when we went away for 3 weeks I unplugged the phone/modem/Sky from the master socket thinking that that would 'kill 3 birds with 1 stone'. A little while after we returned we got "The Letter" from Sky.

True, if you have the one box then it's not worth the hassle for Sky to chase it up but with 2 or more they definitely police the phone connections.

  spuds 23:46 15 Feb 2007

If you have household or business insurance, then check the policy, because some insurance company's are now insisting that all electrical appliances are disconnected from a mains supply, if they are being left unattended.Failure to do so could lead to void insurance cover, especially in cases of fire.

Personally I isolate all electrical appliances after use, not just because the insurance company insists that I do, more of a feel safe attitude.

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