going to italy, what do i need in a laptop

  GOBEEN 21:13 09 Dec 2007

Hi all,I'm leaving these shores and going to Italy,I'm looking to buy a second hand laptop for use there,I'll be using it in my camper/car.what do I need to access my bank accounts from there and how from my camper,do I need to use WI-FI.or a mobile phone line or whatever,I'm completely ignorant on this subject,Iv'e been into E/BAY.and the s/hnd.laptops are a good buy,please give me all the info if you can,any tips will be much appreciated,thanks for your time,GOBEEN (:-)>

  Technotiger 22:44 09 Dec 2007

Hmm, sorry I can't offer you any tips re your laptop - hardware/software wise - but, one tip I will offer you ....... buy some good strong Security Padlocks for anything you do not want to loose while there. If leaving your vehicle unattended do not trust just your vehicle locks to keep people out! Preferably have someone in attendance at all times. Never leave anything valuable in view, not even for a few seconds!!

Sadly, I speak from experience while in Italy.

  woodchip 22:49 09 Dec 2007

A list hear that may help. If you get a card make sure it is compatible with the Laptop or it's dead money

  bluto1 22:56 09 Dec 2007

I assume you are buying your lappie here in UK.
A stsndard lappie with reasonable CPU speed, a minimum of 512Mbs RAM and a sufficiently large HD to house all your applications.
Then you need your bank account details, access to your bank to view them, complete with password. I suggest you ask your bank about this and I think I'd set up the access whilst in UK. As for mobile phone access, if your phone is an all singing/dancing/teasmade, etc then forget the lappie.
As you must be a fellow countryman of mine I'll also suggest a couple of bottles of Frascatti Superiore Reserve. Enjoy yourself.

  bluto1 22:58 09 Dec 2007

Sorry, I forgot to mention that you'll need a phone line, unless it's possible with a mobile.

  Technotiger 07:51 10 Dec 2007

WiFi is probably your best bet, as long as the laptop is WiFi enabled. Before you go you could Google for *Free WiFi Hotspots ....* and naming your destination in Italy.

You may find this very interesting ... click here

  Technotiger 07:55 10 Dec 2007

PS - do note that what my link shows, is dated 2005, so things might have changed since then.

  golfpro 08:27 10 Dec 2007

You say you will be buying a second hand laptop in Italy, if you do then it is most likely that the OS will be in that language, so unless your understanding of Italian is very good I would buy it in the UK.
If you are only going to use it from the Camper/Car, depending on the length of your stay, and also whether you will be travelling around or staying in one area, you could get a mobile phone contract with a broadband connection from one of the Italian companies this is expensive (about 20+ Euros a month for 3Gb plus the monthly account for the phone sim card, and you have to sign up for a year). These will work from anywhere where a mobile will, and you just plug it into the card slot on the laptop. You could use Internet cafes of which there are plenty or get yourself a good router and log on through one of the free or pay as you use services, any good computer company in Italy will tell you how and where theses are, but be careful
about using the "one time" internet cards (the ones with a user name and password on a scratch card), as most of these are a rip off
Ask your bank about accessing your account from there, they will give you all the details.
Lastly, NEVER EVER leave your Laptop on view in the camper/car, if you can't take it with you, then make sure it is out of sight and locked up securely.

  golfpro 08:36 10 Dec 2007

The mobile phone broadband cards will also work from the USB slot on the Laptop depending which model card you have. You can also upgrade the card to 6-8gb or even 24/7 connection by paying more.

  GOBEEN 21:03 10 Dec 2007

Hi all, thanks for the info,but I still need a wee bit more,"woodchip"I didn't get your list,what I need to know now is do I still need a card to send/contact from a WI-FI.spot I have a Broadband connection contract with Virgin media. what I need this for is to contact my bank etc.for to check my payments and standing orders etc,etc,etc.I use my P.C.now to buy on the net and check my pension is in O/K.I have all my passwords and I/Ds.and acct.openers.just need the actual mechanics of getting on line in Italy.I'm going for a while you see, not just a quick trip.I've
been into E/BAY.some very good deals on WI-FI.enabled lappies.thanks for all your help lads.just have a wee think on any other tips for me,GOBEEN.<(:-)>

  golfpro 08:21 13 Dec 2007

As I said in my post, If you buy a laptop in Italy it is 99.9% certain that the Windows OS will be in that language, and you can't change that without doing a clean install with a New XP or Vista English version disc. This will make using the computer much more difficult if your Italian is not perfect.
I'm afraid your broadband contract will be useless there. You will have to sign up with an Italian company (telephone/mobile Etc).
WiFi hot spots are easy to find it depends in which city you are in you won't find many in any of the small villages if any, most if not all of them will only work out in the open so if you want to work indoors then get yourself a mobile from TIM, Italy's telecoms Network.
click here
They will supply you with a broad band module which plugs into a USB connection on your laptop.
All Banks have a net banking web site, to access this you will need to get a user name and password from your bank to get into your account, ask at the bank for details.
Also don't forget if you now have an email address from your ISP in England it won't work abroad, you are much better off with an Internet email address from Yahoo for instance, with this you can send and receive emails no matter were you are, and its free.
Lastly, unless you want loads of problems forget Ebay, buy your laptop new in England before you go you can get a decent one quite cheaply (XP is better than Vista), just make sure that the wireless LAN card is installed, you will need this to access any wireless hot spots and routers that you come across.

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