going backwards from xp?

  broggs 18:05 29 Jan 2005

Hello...a friend of mine has been given a pc and asked me to look at it to see if I could speed it up plus make some more space on the drives.
I have managed to get 1.5 gig free on the c drive and totally free the d drive (both drives are about 4 gig each in size).I have used ccleaner,regscrub xp,norton utilities and memturbo 3 and have defragged both drives.It is still very slow.
I think that the processor is not good enuogh for windows xp (AMD K6) and that there is not enough ram (250)even though memturbo keeps it up to roughly 100.
I am thinking of installing win 98 to see if this speeds it up but as the file system now is ntfs I dont think I could go backwards and just install 98.Any ideas would be welcome please.
My friend cant afford another pc at the moment.

  AndySD 18:15 29 Jan 2005

Have a look at turning off some of the services. click here

  1514 18:26 29 Jan 2005

Get rid of "system restore"?

  Completealias 18:27 29 Jan 2005

If you do decide to go back 2 98 then you can use killdisk found here click here to get rid of the NTFS file system. It will wipe the drive partion so you then need to use Fdisk to recreate the partion and then format.

What are the exact specs of the pc ie what processor speed? To b honest xp is memory hungry 256mb min and idealy 512mb so you may find that 98 may b more suited

  Jeffers22 18:35 29 Jan 2005

You cannot install 98 to an NTFS partition. furthermore, if you want to multi boot, it is necessary to have the earlier OS on the drive before the later one goes on.

Would this work I wonder?

You could change both C (temporarily) and D to FAT32 (I would also make it a bit smaller and make C: a bit bigger to allow more headroom in the XP partition if I was retaining XP) Partition Magic would be what I would use to achieve this.

Having done that, download a 98 boot disk, reboot the PC with it and rename the C:\Windows folder. I would also run fdisk/mbr (on C:) at this stage to remove the XP created MBR. You could then install 98 on D: - it would not see the XP OS on C: and therefore should install as normal.

Post install of 98, you can rename your windows folder on C back to Windows. Shut the PC down and reboot with the XP CD and do a repair reinstall of XP over the top to create your MBR and multi boot. Finally, use Partition Magic to convert C: back to NTFS if that is what you want as a file system.

I would agree, a K6 with 256Mb RAM is not really "man enough" for XP

If anyone can see flaws in this procedure, please feel free to argue the toss. I will not be offended if called an idiot (in this instance LOL)

  1514 19:04 29 Jan 2005

You could try "Dust Buster" to get rid of a lot of files
click here

  gemma_loan 19:32 29 Jan 2005

Im having a few problems wiht my computer (running slow, loads of errors) basically being rubbish and I was going to reinstal windows XP and see if that would work. Unforch I dont have the disk that came with my computer - is there any way I could do this without it?
I also dont have the drivers disk for my graphics and sound card and things does this matter?

  bruno 20:22 29 Jan 2005

I know it is not recommended, and it is a bit slow,but my son-in-law runs XP Pro on an AMD K6 with a 330 Mb processor with 128 Mb memory.He has been using it for 18 months now with no problems.

  wee eddie 20:39 29 Jan 2005

What he has, will handle almost all Office Tasks with ease. It will probably show movies as well, but with a tendancy to jerky reproduction.

What it wont do, is to handle modern games.

No matter what you do!

  mattyc_92 21:11 29 Jan 2005

Please start your own "thread" for your problem... But your "Recovery Disk" could be on a "hidden partition"!!

  gemma_loan 23:00 29 Jan 2005

Sorry I did mean to - clicked the qrong bottom - have started my own now!

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