Going back from Windows XP to Windows 98..advice??

  vaughan007 11:36 24 Oct 2003

Hello all,

This sounds wierd I know, but I have acquired a computer that I wanted as a spare to run old software that needs Windows 98 in order to work correctly.

The computer currently has Windows XP installed and as far as I know used to have Windows 98 installed.

I have a full install Windows 98 CD and want to install it on this XP machine.

What I would really like to do is completely clear the HDD and install Windows 98 from this CD. However it needs to be done I want Windows 98 on this machine and not Windows XP.

Does anyone have any advice on how to do this?

  tenplus1 11:59 24 Oct 2003

The easiest way to do this is to boot from floppy and format your c: drive...

Then, if you're installing Windows 98se (second edition) you can boot from the actual cd and it will install without any hassles...

...but if you have the 1st Windows 98 cd then you're gonna have to boot from that same floppy (with cd-drivers) and install it that way...

  Diemmess 12:41 24 Oct 2003

By formatting first and installing as described, it should go without any fuss at all.

I did it with a physically abused laptop and dying CDROM. Result - a new lease of life.

  Epoc 12:51 24 Oct 2003

In my experience you need to use the XP disc in order to format the harddrive, if you use a boot disc it will not find your hard drive.

  vaughan007 14:38 24 Oct 2003

But epoc and tenplus1 seem to be contradicting each other...er...who is right?


  Diemmess 15:05 24 Oct 2003

You certainly don't need the XP disk to format the HD.

I vote with tenplus1, because the laptop story was one where my son took over a dead XP o/s while I was still waiting for his sister's genuine XP disk.............. He installed 98SE after formatting, and all with 98SE CD and floppy. I think he used only the CD, pushed in at bootup.

  leo49 15:08 24 Oct 2003

Could it be that Epoc's PC was using the NTFS file system as the bootdisk method definitely works with FAT32.

  Legolas 15:10 24 Oct 2003

Epoc you must have had this experience but it is an exception, I have formatted a c: drive with XP installed many times using a 98 boot disk.

  Legolas 15:13 24 Oct 2003

leo49 You can still format an NTFS formatted drive booting from a 98 floppy I have done this a few times.

  Terrahawk 15:14 24 Oct 2003

use a boot floppy if you have trouble formating because the drive is ntfs go to fdisk delete the partition then recreate a primary partition then you can format

  Legolas 15:39 24 Oct 2003

Terrahawk Thanks for posting that I knew I had done it before and was trying to remember how.

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