Going back wards from 7 to XP

  jack O'lantern 13:27 18 Jan 2011

A 'Flock Member' has a new Computer with Win 7
She is not a happy bunny
'Please can I go back to XP ?' she asks
Well can she?
Without the expense that is.
For example I have a XP Home- it could go on but would she then get the Microsoft bullies want her to make it legal for her machine by flexing the plastic?

  northumbria61 13:31 18 Jan 2011

I think there is no way to migrate your setting back to Xp and also vice versa - click here

  lotvic 13:38 18 Jan 2011

XP Home if it is Retail, then yes as long as it is only used on one PC.
Would be better to use a separate/different HDD to install it on and take out the W7 harddrive - keep it safe - and then it can be put back in anytime she changes her mind.....

  northumbria61 13:40 18 Jan 2011

Maybe she should actually try it out before she says she hates it and wants to downgrade back to an obsolete operating system. It is called progress.

I have been using Win7 64 bit since it was launched in Sept. 2009 and I "loved" it from day 1.
Encourage her to "Stay with Windows 7" - it is different to XP but she will soon get used to it.

  961 13:43 18 Jan 2011

There is absolutely no way I would dream of going back to XP

Try it for a month

  john bunyan 13:48 18 Jan 2011

I fully agree with northumbria61 and 961.
I had a dual boot XP and W7 in Nov 2009 and soon got rid of XP. What are her worries?

  GaT7 14:03 18 Jan 2011

"Without the expense that is."

Probably not, but it depends on what you already have that can be used.

Well, I can understand her plight. I was similar when it came to XP & Vista (although must admit Win7 is much better/faster).

The XP version can be OEM if it's new. Otherwise a Retail version is a must. Either way, neither's licence should be used on any other system at the same time.

You will need to format the drive & do a fresh XP install. Then install all her programs afresh, restore data, etc. So a prior backup is imperative. Also ensure that all XP drivers for the new PC's hardware is available online.

In order to maintain the computer's warranty status (if it has one), do as lotvic suggests about getting another hard drive for XP (or use the original one she had), whilst removing the Win7 drive. This will ensure the easiest way to restore the PC to its original state (by swapping drives) before it's returned to the retailer/manufacturer. G

  john bunyan 14:11 18 Jan 2011

If she insists on XP I would partition the drive and run a dual boot XP / W7 for a while. That way she can hopefully see the advantges of W7 and delete the XP partition. She could have all data (common to both) (My Documents) on a third partition: eg C = XP about 80 Gig;D:= W7 about 80 Gig and E; - balance of disc ,say 300 gig. Remember that as you switch operating systems the one in use is always C, so if she chose W7 the letter woul change to C while in use.
I agree with lotvic and Crossbow7 if it is a desktop.

  jack O'lantern 16:24 19 Jan 2011

But like most of you I could see the pit falls, and as thus is a new machjne I have suggested she just knuckles down and gets used to it-
Thank you for your advice and opinions

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