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  Declan Mc 00:30 22 Feb 2005

Please see my Special Occasions page:
click here

When I scroll to the bottom and click on Una's thumbnail, her large image page appears. When I click on the large image I'm taken back to the top of the thumbnail page but I would prefer to be taken back to the bottom.

The back button does this but does anyome know how I can make this happen by clicking on the large image?

  Declan Mc 00:32 22 Feb 2005

By the way, I'm using Dreamweaver.

  Taran 01:37 22 Feb 2005

Create a named anchor point and target your hyperlink accordingly.

At the moment the image on your Una page targets the gallery page, which it loads when clicked. The idea is to have it target a specific point on the page instead.

With your gallery page open in Dreamweaver (you don't say which version you are using - this is for MX 2004) do the following:

Click on Insert (top toolbar) and select Named Anchor from the drop down list of options.

Follow the prompts to name the anchor point.

If you prefer to work in code view, just paste this in next to the Una thumbnail:

<a name="x"></a>

Change the named anchor from x to something meaningful to you in the above code snippet.

Save the page.

Open up the Una page and instead of having the image hyperlink point to the gallery page, edit the hyperlink properties to point to the named anchor point on the gallery page.

Either do this in the hyperlink options or add the named anchor to the existing link in code view.

If you called your named anchor x, add a hash symbol followed by the letter x after your current link, like this:

Change this:

a href=


To this:


a href=


All that happens here is that the link targets a named anchor point on the page in the hyperlink code. In the above example your link points to ../special%20occasions.htm and we are adding the named anchor reference at the end of it, like this ../special%20occasions.htm#x - this assumes that your named anchor is called x.

If you use more than a smattering of named anchors it can be useful to give them meaningful names to help you track them, especially where you have many in one long document.

So the gist is you put a named anchor on the target page and add its name after a hash symbol to your existing hyperlink.

Job done.

  Declanworld 08:45 22 Feb 2005

Thnaks very much Taran and fourm; you've given me plenty to think about and action.

BTW, I'm using MX2004.

If the media companies are offended by my infringements, they'll get no fight out of me - this isn't a commercial site - it's just a result of a course at my local university; all the images were done for nothing for friends and family.

  Declanworld 19:48 22 Feb 2005

I've done what you recommended (I think) Taran but I'm still taken to the top of the page.

What am I doing wrong?

  Nelmon2k 20:45 22 Feb 2005

i've just been on your site and it does work

  Taran 01:14 23 Feb 2005

Works fine from the Una page, so you just need to repeat the process for the other two large image pages from that bottom row.

I'd imagine you haven't refreshed the page in your browser.

Perhaps clearing your browser cache may also help, but simply refreshing the page should sort things out for you.

Well done !

  Declanworld 08:37 23 Feb 2005

I'm glad it's working for you but, in spite of refreshing, clearing my cache and disk clean-up, I'm still returned to the top of the Special Occasions page.

I'll try it at work to see what happens.

  Taran 10:34 23 Feb 2005

Well, I've checked your code and that seems OK, and both myself and Nelmon2K can see the desired effect at work, so....

  Taran 10:42 23 Feb 2005

Just tested it in IE and no, it didn't work as intended for me, but in Firefox it does, or at least it does on this PC.

The target="" tag is fine for control in certain circumstances but if it isn't used a link automatically defaults to load the page, from the top.

I'm wondering whether filename spaces is the culprit here, since the code itself is OK.

I'll try to take a longer look later when time allows. I have appointments most of the rest of today.

  LeadingMNMs 12:31 23 Feb 2005

Just checked it and I think all that you need to do is move the name attribute into the anchor tag, rather than create a seperate one. So instead of:

<a href="una.htm"><img src="Special%20Occasions%20Thumbs/U.jpg" alt="Una" width="173" height="173" border="0" /></a><a name="u"></a>


<a href="una.htm"><img src="Special%20Occasions%20Thumbs/U.jpg" alt="Una" width="173" height="173" border="0" name="u" /></a>

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