God MEANT me not to have a Wireless Network!!!

  AngeTheHippy 17:12 01 Dec 2007

BT Voyager 2110 Wireless Router. Hard wired into back of main PC. WOULD NOT allow anything other than WEP encryption. Otherwise it works. Am encrypted.

BT 1065 Laptop wireless card. Connection speed: Excellent. 'Available Networks:' Mine and some bloke called Philip...

Browsing on laptop: VERY intermittent. Sometimes I get a page, Sometimes I don't. When I do it's verrrry slow loading. TWICE had Blue Screen on LAPTOP.

Would you give up at this point?


  crosstrainer 17:17 01 Dec 2007

Seems as though you have made progress, what is the spec on your laptop and os?

  crosstrainer 17:24 01 Dec 2007

"Some bloke called Philip" means that you can see his network as well as your own. Don't understand the BSOD's unless you need to update the drivers.

Post OS and spec and I will see if I can find them...This sounds like a driver issue now...And, I don't think that God really has much to do with this...(hope that last comment has not fallen foul of the rules) :)

  AngeTheHippy 17:24 01 Dec 2007

XP V.202 SP2.
Athlon XP-M 2000+
1.66 GHz, 496 RAM.

Sort of progress Cross, yeah - must say though, that Sitecom was a LOT lot faster than this, even though on open network! Do ya think its the encryption thats making it slow? I've just done a speed test and result is usual - about 475 up/275 down.


  crosstrainer 17:35 01 Dec 2007

The lack of speed will be down to the traffic (being the weekend) Try running the little applet from:

click here

And see if it helps...You could also defrag and clean the laptop with:

click here

If you are unsure on how to use this, post back with results after you have installed it :) And smile.....It's nearly C******** time :)

  AngeTheHippy 17:41 01 Dec 2007

is it in 1065 downloads/Voyager 1065 driver 7.1Mb?

  AngeTheHippy 17:51 01 Dec 2007

I use RegCure - gets rid of unused keys and paths etc. Haven't defragged as it always tells me 'you don't need to'...

  AngeTheHippy 17:53 01 Dec 2007

a sparsley populated part of the UK, I've never had the slowing down prob when using the Speedtouch 330 and hardly ever get line drop

  Forum Editor 18:06 01 Dec 2007

on the wireless adapter, and the environment in which your router is operating. If there are lots of walls, doors and staircases between router and adapter you may get a flaky connection - speed rates will fluctuate and you may get dropped connections. Physical distance matters, too.

Internet traffic volumes do affect downstream speeds - your contention ratio will worsen for instance, but that would apply to any machine operating on your connection. If only one computer is affected the answer is most likely to be the machine's hardware or its driver, or the building itself. Try connecting the laptop to the router via an Ethernet cable and see what happens.

  crosstrainer 18:16 01 Dec 2007

As the FE states, walls doors etc. will cut down the sugnal level...I'm not sure that this is your problem when you ran the app in my previous posting, youselected your model then I would download and install that first.

Mind you, the FE has a point if you are living in a home with stone / heavy construction like cottages and older victorian houses. It's also true that you could try re-locating the router, but most can see pretty well in a normal home.

Try cleaning the lappy and pc, and the new drivers :)

  crosstrainer 18:16 01 Dec 2007

"Sugnal" Signal :)

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