GoBack3 with Windows Xp, Worth it?

  tran1 14:08 01 Feb 2003


Is it worth using GoBack3 if you already have windows Xp. windows Xp has the same feature but its not automatic like GoBack. Although GoBack make your hard drive run active alot.

I ask this becuase it comes with Norton Systemworks.

Has anyone used it in conjuction with Drive image 2002? If something is contantly running (like Goback), will drive image still be able to create backup images?

Does anyone use GoBack with either Norton Ghost or drive Image? if so, do they work?

  cyclingchef 14:57 01 Feb 2003

I'm a big fan of this 'rollback' software. I previously used Powerquest SecondChance (discontinued) with Win 98SE. Being unable to resist trial software etc it saved my bacon many times. I am now on XP and use Drive Image 2002 for regular images. I tried GoBack 3 it works with XP but NOT with Drive Image I forget the actual error messages but they definitely conflict. I prefer the security of Disc Images so no GoBack for me.

  cyclingchef 15:04 01 Feb 2003

You also seem to think XP's restore function is the "same feature" as GoBack, XP's restore only backs-up certain system files, registry etc GoBack logs every change - system file, registry and your data so you lose nothing if you 'rollback' to an earlier date/time.

  tran1 15:08 01 Feb 2003

ok, thanks cyclingchef,

If GoBack, logs every single change, would it mean its actually creating an image of your hard drive?

  OU812 16:19 01 Feb 2003

I have Go Back (which came with Systems Works 2003) and it has saved me a number of times when system restore has not helped at all.

Notably when a driver download from Windows update reset my monitor settings to 4 bit! (as opposed to 32 bit colour) and neither driver rollback nor system restore where any help in recovering my original settings.

Definitely install it

  Magik™ 16:31 01 Feb 2003

yes it does...and it does it well.

  cyclingchef 18:59 02 Feb 2003

NO Goback is NOT creating a disk image, just logging every software change. When you restore a disk image it deletes the partition first I.e wipes everything on that partition before restoring. Use carefully - you could lose all data between time image taken and current time. Used regularly (say weekly) and back up your data in-between is a belt & braces approach!

  tran1 20:18 02 Feb 2003

Thanks Guys!

  flecc 23:43 02 Feb 2003

Yes, version 3 is fully compatible and doesn't have to be uninstalled before installing XP as an upgrade.

This doesn't apply to versions 2 or 1 though.

  anchor 08:53 03 Feb 2003

"GoBack version 3.10 was the first Windows XP compatible version available. If you have a CD version that is lower than version 3.10, you SHOULD NOT install that version. The GoBack 3.2x update can be installed by just double-clicking the file once you have it downloaded onto your system".

General information on GoBack-

click here

  OU812 18:42 11 Jan 2004

I added a post extolling the vitues of GoBack some time ago.

Just like to add that unfortunately it also stops you reading SMART data with utilities such as DTemp and the like. Also if you carry out any tasks such as defragging the disk you will lose all your restore points, so bear that in mind if your going to rely on it for recovery.

I only realised this because I had cause to disable it recently when using Partition Magic 8 (which wont work with it enabled).

For reference this is the response I got from the Guy who programmed Dtemp (a useful little utility)

Hello !

Thank you for your message about this problem. I'm already know about troubles with
this utility. Unfortunately, thre's no way to solve this problem - this tool prevent all
direct access to hard drive (and reading SMART too).

With best regards,
Dmitry Tochinov

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