GoBack freezes

  drayton 11:35 05 Jul 2008

started pc, before it gets to windows goback window pos up with "GoBack rebooted your computer because it detected that some of its critical sectors on disk #1 have become bad.
GoBack will now scan your disk for these and other bad sectors and attempt to rebuild its data file. all historical information will be lost as a result."
Code 0x2

and there the pc freezes, cant press OK button, no mouse. Have rebooted several times, cannot start in safe mode, cannot use goback, tried putting xp cd in and rebooting from disc, but still end up at above window.
thanks for any help

  T0SH 12:17 05 Jul 2008

Try using the "Last known good configuration" from the options menu (the one where you get to safemode from)if it works perhaps you should consider uninstalling "GoBack" or at least use the create emergency boot disk (or words to that effect) option, it is a very long time Windows 98 since I used GoBack so I can`t remember

Cheers HC

  drayton 12:32 05 Jul 2008

cant get to menu, have tried but no joy

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