GOBACK causing problems

  pj1664 12:50 24 Jun 2004

Hi everyone,
I recently came accross a problem with my mates computer, he had previously install a prog. called GOBACK, which allows him to go back to a certain date on his computer if he encountered a problem with his system so that the system goes back to a date when things were functioning well. Recently he had to format his hard drive to reinstall windows using the fdisk command and support of cdrom and everything went well but windows will not load up it comes up with a message with GOBACK screen saying GOBACK was disable please enable it. We have tried reinstalling go back but it won't have it. Is there anyway we can format this hard drive to "bare matel" so that nothing is on it so that we can reformat and reintall windows again without having to install GOBACK. HIs operating system is win98 2nd edition if it helps.Thank you.

  stlucia 13:00 24 Jun 2004

You say you've used the fdisk command, but did you also use format?

  thms 13:07 24 Jun 2004
  rorynat 21:52 24 Jun 2004

I have goback and it restores to a previous setup better than windows. However the saddest thing aboutit is you have to disable it before you reinstall windows or do any major work on your system even formatting. Its screen appears before windows starts up asking if you want to revert or disable if so then press space bar. Of course you lose all your previous settings if you do. Mine's version 3 I think. If you did not disable then you must go into safe mode and choose option 4 I think where you say yes or no to installation of drivers. Say no to virus programs particularly, goback I believe is part of nortonworks and hopefully you may get to desktop where there should be an icon for go back so you can click to disable it.


  Blitzer 23:52 24 Jun 2004

I used to use GoBack and must admit I did find it a rather useful piece of software that on the whole worked very well. However I did find it had it's flaws....

1. At times excessive hard drive activity - sometimes the HD would seem to be thrashing around every few minutes, surely not good for the life of the HD?

2. As you've highlighted it can give you some grief when it comes to re-installing/formatting the HD.

3. After months of problems with my computer not shutting down correctly I discovered that GoBack was the culprit.

In the end I decided to do away with GoBack and some time after switched to using Norton Ghost instead. On the whole I've found this is much better solution although it does have the slight downside that it requires the user to manually create an image of the disk whereas GoBack does this on the fly. That said I've found Ghost an alround better solution and it's much more of a backup solution whereas GoBack is a more full proof system restore type program. HTH. :)

  billyliv 09:55 25 Jun 2004

Hi, Isn't Go Back a product of Adaptec Easy CD Creator and is no longer supplied as such with the updates? Cheers, Bill

  pj1664 16:05 26 Jun 2004

The option of going to safe mode seems to be disable by goback because each time the goback screen comes up the option of safe mode is also there but by pressing F5 the go back screen comes up again requesting goback to be enable, its like going in circles. How do I get pass this? Is there a utility that actually takes the hard drive to factory setting so that we can format it and install windows again? Thanks for your help guys, really appreciate it. Still awaiting response to solve this.

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