Go gentle please

  Holographic_man 15:28 16 Mar 2004

This is my first ever web site and I did cheat a little in that I used NOF site style, please be gentle with me.
This site is for information as you can see and parts of it will only be on for a short while like accounts 2002-03 the site needs more stuff from our snonsors and that will be on later this week.
click here I didn't want the site to be flash bing and pop, as most of the people who look at the site will maybe just look the once.
But have your say

  jgosden 17:39 16 Mar 2004

it looks ok

try changing all the fonts to verdana that will help!!

also i see little reason for all text to be in bold!

:) keep it up :)

  IClaudio 17:41 16 Mar 2004

Very nice site - and it's not cheating to use NOF Styles, that's what they're there for!

But I don't particularly like this Style, it's very fussy, although I can understand why you used it.

I think your text should be non-Serif - and whichever you choose, it should be consistent, some pages are in Bold, others in Plain.

Sponsors should not have an apostrophe (Sponsor's). On the Home page, you have 'it's activates', rather than 'its activities' - I haven't delved further, but you should get an objective party to check your grammar and spelling.

The annual history is interesting, but I think you should group the years together under one Main Page, called (for example) 'Year by Year' and the accounts pages could branch off the Year pages.

On the Contact Page, you should create a Mailto: link on your name as WebMaster. On the Scrapbook Page, the banner doesn't show for some reason - and the St Andrew's flag is a little distracting! As you have NOF, why not use its Gallery feature and make a more structured page? Snippets doesn't require an apostrophe - and it's 'throughout'...

Huntly looks like a great place to live, especially with your floral displays - did you post a link to the Huntly.net web site some while back? It looks familiar...?

  Forum Editor 18:15 16 Mar 2004

that you should change the font to Verdana - it will immediately improve the look.

Spelling and punctuation should be given a thorough check-through - on the nav button 'sponsor's' should read 'sponsors'. 'Fitness sweet' should be 'Fitness suite'. There may well be other errors - get someone to proof-read the whole thing.

Otherwise it's an excellent first site - there are bound to be tweaks that need doing, but you can work through them gradually. Now that you have the site online the pressure's off - you can afford to fiddle with it to your heart's content, and only update the server copy when you're ready.

  whatsupdoc 18:24 16 Mar 2004

if thats your first attempt then you learn a lot quicker than i do. i agree that you need someone who can proof read for you. its the one thing that's guaranteed to annoy the most people.

don't be worried that grammar may not be your forte, its a difficult thing to learn if it wasn't drilled into you at school.

  Holographic_man 23:03 16 Mar 2004

IClaudio I will stick with the style, but I agree, with you on the text and have changed most of it to plain,
done the sponsors, and I am getting the editor of the local paper to do her stuff,
year by year sounds a good idea will look at this later on this year,
yep mailto sounds ok,
Gallery feature not sure what you mean here but will look into it and take advise.
yes huntly.net was posted by me awhile back by me!
I have made changes to the site but will update shortly.
Many thanks all your help

  IClaudio 11:00 17 Mar 2004

Look under 'Photo Gallery' in the Help pages - but having looked at your Scrapbook again, I think you could probably leave it.


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