Go Back to ADSL from Wireless

  prince midas 11:32 18 Jan 2009

I have been running for 2 years on Tiscali Broadband with no problem.
When I bought a Laptop my son disconnected my original 10M cable from my Desktop and connected a router which the Laptop being a built in wireless could get a signal anywhere in the house.

I had to finally reconnect the 10m cable back again and this time I put the router at the end of the cable and again my laptop had no problems.
My Desktop picked up the wirless signal through a Belkin USB adaptor which is a bit hit and miss.
He suggested replacing the USB adaptor with a PCI card with its own built in aerial which he says should give me a stronger signal.Before he does this I wonder if I could connect my original modem back into the router and then into the old USB socket into my Desktop.Previously I was getting 7MBs which was brilliant.Comments about doing this appreciated.

  DieSse 12:14 18 Jan 2009

You connect a router into the LAN port on you system, not a USB port.If the router was connected there before, it should do so again.

Ig you had a USB modem before, then you'll need to find the LAN port on your desktop(which most recent systems will have). If not you will need to fit one.

  The Kestrel 12:15 18 Jan 2009

Your router should have a port(s) which enable you to connect your Desktop to the router by cable instead of via the wireless USB adapter. This should enable you to achieve the speeds you had previously.

  MAJ 12:19 18 Jan 2009

I'm slightly confused with what you're saying, prince midas. Firstly what type of cable is the 10 metre cable, ethernet cable?
Secondly, the belkin USB adapter that I think you're using, click here is rubbish in my opinion.

It depends on how you want your setup. Do you want your desktop wired or wireless? Obviously you want your laptop to connect wirelessly, else there's not much point in having it. As you've got an ADSL connection you use either the router or the modem, not both.

  prince midas 12:19 18 Jan 2009

Will do this,thanks guys.

  prince midas 12:24 18 Jan 2009

Maj I can get an excellent signal anywhere in the house using the router and wireless laptop whatever I do.
I just want to get the best signal on the Desktop as well and as you say the Belkin wireless which I thought I would go back to the old connection using the 10m cable to the desktop through a modem connected to the Router so not to lose the Laptop connection.

  prince midas 12:29 18 Jan 2009

In case I have not made myself clear I want wireless for Laptop and Modem for Desktop.But I need to keep the router connected to the end of the 10M cable so my Laptop can get a wireless connection and then run I presume my Desktop through the back of the Router to my Desktop to get the old ADSl connection which was previously very fast.

  MAJ 12:36 18 Jan 2009

"Maj I can get an excellent signal anywhere in the house using the router and wireless laptop whatever I do."

That's because the builtin wireless card/adapter in the laptop is a decent model. The belkin USB adapter that you were using on the desktop is, in my opinion, a load of rubbish, I know because I have one of them.

"I just want to get the best signal on the Desktop"

Okay then, you have two options:
1. Get a decent USB adapter for the desktop, Netgear models are good, or as your son has suggested, a wireless card that you will have to install in a spare PCI slot in your desktop. Those options will allow your desktop to connect wirelessly to your router.

2. Have the desktop wired to the router. Connect the router to your phoneline with the grey ADSL cable usually supplied with the router. Then connect the router to the desktop's ethernet socket using an ethernet cable.

  MAJ 12:38 18 Jan 2009

Sorry, we cross-posted prince midas.

"In case I have not made myself clear I want wireless for Laptop and Modem for Desktop"

No, you can't do that.

  prince midas 13:03 18 Jan 2009

Right Maj and everyone it looks like I can finally get sorted.

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