Gmail when will the new version work?(resurrected)

  six-h 00:45 06 Jun 2008

Seems I was a bit previous in ticking this one!
and since FE says it can't be unticked, I'm replying to the last postings under that thread below.

Hope I've not confused you all!!


The problem I'm finding is that although I can open some mail, returning to in box invokes an IE message: -"When you send Info. to the net, it might be possible for others to see, Do you want to continue Y/N"
At the same time, I get a yellow band at the top of the viewing window saying "Oops...System encountered a problem #102, re-trying in X seconds"

This keeps appearing whether you say yes, no or sod off to the IE message.

You then have to be quick enough to click "Older version" after hitting the red X, before the message re-appears.

Same palaver if you try to "display images" in e-mails like those from Aldi and Cartridge world etc.
Total pain!

johnnyrocker, I don't understand your question

  johnnyrocker 09:16 06 Jun 2008

my question was posted (as it generally is ) where a posting has been ticked but nothing to say what the resolution was as i am always keen to learn as i am sure others are.


  six-h 15:27 06 Jun 2008

I thought that the answer was that the "New version" of G-mail was intended to work on FireFox/Opera.
I put a comment on Google groups, along with other brassed off clients, and lo and behold, one of the elusive "G-mail Team" deigned to reply!
They gave me a link to bookmark which I have set as my home page, and it opens my primary account in the old version automatically...Result...well, only partial since changing to other accounts still invokes the new version!

I could have patience if I knew that something was being done to make the new version work properly, especially since there are no advantages that I can perceive from the change.

Are you also experiencing problems with this new version?

  six-h 23:54 07 Jun 2008

Evidently not!

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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