Gmail and Tiscali 10.0 Possible Hijack??

  frager 12:33 05 Jun 2005

A friend of mine, who is a complete novice at computers has developed a problem trying to access her email account. She is using Gmail from Google.

1. She set click here as her home page and accessed her email from there.
2. Now when she goes on-line she finds Tiscali 10.0 as part of the Title Bar and is unable to open her email account. She does not have an account with Tiscali
3. We downloaded and ran Ad-aware from Lavasoft and deleted any spyware we found. This did not solve the problem.
4. She assures me that she did not open any attachments from emails and it is highly unlikely she even got attachments.
5. Her Antivirus software is about six months out of date.
6. She ordered an airline ticket over the internet about two weeks ago and thinks her problems started after that.
We would appreciate any advice.



  Diodorus Siculus 15:22 05 Jun 2005

Clear out temp files: CrapCleaner is a good option - click here

Then update AV - get a free version is current one is out of date. click here for a good one.

  frager 17:45 07 Jun 2005

Thanks to those who replied to my post.

The problem seems to be resolved. When I turned on my friends computer today I found Tiscali 10.0 had been installed, so I just removed it and that seems to have solved the problem.

She has no idea how Tiscali got there. Perhaps it was pre-installed by Dell when she bought the laptop last August. This seems unlikely as we live in Ireland and, to my knowledge Tiscali is not available here.

She has McAfee Antivirus installed, but we failed to update it because she cannot remember what password she used when she registered and she is not recognised as a registered user.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.



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