Globle Template

  User-178362 01:22 13 Aug 2005

Trouble at sea. I sometimes get messages saying 1. Do you want to change Globle Templates, 2. Do you want to save existing normal, 3.Changes have been made that effect globle template normal. Most of the time I say no, but do not know what I am saying no too. Why does it say these words and what do they mean?

  DieSse 01:53 13 Aug 2005

I presume you mean when using Word.

The Global Template (filename is the layout in Word for a blank page. It predefines the margins, fonts, rulers, tabs, headers, etc.

You almost certainly do not want to change it - if you do your "blank sheet" will change in some way.

If you do change it, and want to get the original back - search the computer for the file - then change all the filenames it finds to normal.old - then when you start Word again, it will make a fresh template to the original specifications.

  VoG II 08:41 13 Aug 2005

If you get this message when you exit Word click here

  User-178362 14:52 13 Aug 2005

Should I do something to check that word is as it should be. What should I do? It doesn't always come out with these sayings but it has done in the past.

  VoG II 14:58 13 Aug 2005

If you have Word 2000 or later then try running Detect and Repair from the Help menu. You will need to insert your Word CD when prompted.

These messages are normal if you actually are making changes to the default template. That could occur for example if you create AutoText entries.

  User-178362 15:11 13 Aug 2005

I just got the messages up again. Could it be my fault as I had PC Advisor up a number of times. I would also like to save these threads in word that I receive, but I get alot of stuff inbetween the threads that I do not want, stuff that doesn't make sence to me. I highlight click on copy then with difficulty go into word. then past.

  User-178362 19:09 13 Aug 2005

I have managed to put all the threads that I wanted into word. It took me a long time, but thats sorted.

  User-178362 19:16 13 Aug 2005

I was once a post coder. We could only work for one hour, then had to take a 10 min break. If you are on the computer too long you might become an eperleptic. Thats what the docter told someone. Just incase you didn't know.

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