Given up on Thunderbird 3

  kimtrnc 15:51 09 Dec 2010

I have tried everything I know to get TB3 to work properly. Currently, it will not allow me to delete messages - will only put a line through them. There are other probs, which I won't go into.

Have given up,uninstalled TB and installed Windows Live Mail, which I shall configure with POP, rather than IMAP - the same gmail system I have used for many years.

However, in the course of killing TB, I have also managed to lose all my contacts. Anyone any good ideas, please....I am about to throw my Win 7 into the local pond.... And possibly throw myself in, as well....

  Woolwell 16:49 09 Dec 2010

With IMAP when you delete an e-mail it just puts a line through them as they have not yet been deleted at the server. You need to purge the marked ones (the one with the line through them) and they will then be gone from the system and the server.

Why did you move to IMAP?

  kimtrnc 17:01 09 Dec 2010

Ok, thanks, but how do I purge?

When I moved to Win 7, Thunderbird seemed like the best bet for email - and it would only use IMAP.
Think I will give up, and accept Windows Live Mail, which WILL do POP.

  PalaeoBill 17:32 09 Dec 2010

I don't like TB3's user interface so I'm seriously considering changing back to TB2 but I haven't come across your problems.
I am collecting mail from my university IMAP account, my BT POP3 and a Yahoo POP3 with no problems. That said I did just run the upgrade from TB2, I didn't try to configure a POP3 from scratch.
I have TB3 configured to drop all mail into the local inbox so I don't look at the individual IMAP servers inboxes too often. Deleted mails disappear from the local inbox immediately but do show up with a line through them in the IMAP server inbox. After a day or so they too disappear without my intervention.

  robin_x 17:46 09 Dec 2010

'Purge' etc (maybe expunge or clean-up) is in Tools/Account Settings/Server Settings

'When I delete a message...'

  Woolwell 18:11 09 Dec 2010

I'm sure that Thunderbird ought to do POP. I tried Thunderbird and didn't like it and use Live Mail instead.

  Sea Urchin 18:41 09 Dec 2010

Yes, Thunderbird certainly uses POP

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