Give it to me straight

  lodger 18:36 29 Apr 2003

I bought a new pc from the dealer, but it crashed all the time, then the HD packed up, a new one was fitted, it still crashed all the time,......... so, I removed all the 'free' software supplied with it, and now it goes like an express train, but minus the dvd software. Should i return the pc before the warranty runs out, and demand a replacement, or just be grateful that i finally have a trouble free pc?

  concretepigsy 18:46 29 Apr 2003

If youre warranty is about to expire then that would suggest you have had the pc for nearly a year??

this is to long to reject the goods for not being for for purpose. I would go back to the shop and moan very loudly preferably on a busy time when the shop is full and at least get some free software out of them.

Trading standars will be able to advise you better, but i am pretty sure you have left it too late

  woodchip 18:47 29 Apr 2003

Load the software one at a time and test until you get the software that is the problem. you then know if you want to install it and repair it by downloading a patch or leave it of. As it's obviously not the computer that's the problem

  geraint-237904 18:51 29 Apr 2003

Better the devil you know!

  Taran 18:52 29 Apr 2003

You can't just demand a full replacement as long as the computer is actually working and as long as the maker is demonstrating a willingness to repair it within its agreed warranty term.

In fact, depending on their terms and conditions you may even find that altering the original software configuration has certain repercussions if your current problems are found to be software based rather than a hardware fault. Some makers use this as a convenient "get out" clause.

Now, having got that bit out of the way, if you have had system instability since an early stage of ownership and you are still getting problems now, even after a hardware fault was dealt with, I'd have it right back to the maker for immediate repair while the machine is still covered by warranty.

Even if the warranty expires, you could still be in a position to have it fixed as long as you can prove that the fault(s) are the same as those you've had since day one that were never fixed. Don't quote me on that because much depends on how far you're willing to go to pursue this and how willing the maker is to keep a customer happy. This is where legal entitlement becomes blurred into good will, so don't think you can just march in there six months after the warranty expires and demand a quick fix.

I'd contact the maker in the morning and explain the problem(s) and make the earliest arrangement to have the PC sorted out.



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